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  1. For me it was the case of a movie being completely silly, but also knowing EXACTLY that it's silly, and not taking itself seriously at any point a proper fun action B movie, kind of reminded me of all the silly action B movies from the 80s & 90s. I think it's my "guilty" pleasure, only I don't feel guilty about it lol.
  2. I enjoyed The Beekeeper! Completely over the top, unbelievable, formulaic, but also entertaining and fun enough...
  3. Welcome to the forums!
  4. I am going to watch this one at the movie theater next week! The trailer looked fun
  5. nudge

    Tap Water

    Yeah, that's what I prefer too, in all seriousness. I used to drink tap water when I lived in some places where it's safe to do it, in some other places it is safe but tastes bad, in some places it is not safe at all, etc. So basically it depends on the location, but these days, I mostly stick to sparkling water.
  6. You mean you don't mark your territory with your piss like a real alpha leader???
  7. nudge

    Tap Water

    I prefer beer.
  8. nudge


    Welcome aboard.
  9. This looks really good!!!
  10. Micro Machines is great, and so is Micro Maniacs. I got really into the old Gamecube, PS1, and PS2 games recently, and it's so much fun.
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