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  1. Also, if you need any more proof that F1 is a team game... Ferrari have a great car and great drivers, but they still struggle to strike while the iron's hot because, as a team, they are just not on the same level as Red Bull and Mercedes.
  2. Terrific race. It had a bit of everything (except rain). Sainz deserves his maiden win as he's such a great driver (despite the fuck-up earlier in the race). Points for Mick finally. Zhou alright in the hospital after what looked like a horrific crash. Ferrari fucking Leclerc with the strategy yet again. Sneaky Pérez on 2nd. Great drive by Hamilton as expected. As for Max, I'll quote Toto Wolff and say: damage limitation, fuck them all.
  3. Eh, I just think the decision might've been motivated by the fact that the 'guilt-by-association' squad is no doubt gonna try and give Max a hard time over his obvious connection to the Piquet family, and Vips might just have been another stick that critics could have used to beat RBR with.
  4. - Life is Strange: The whole opening sequence from the Lighthouse to Max rewinding time and finding out about her powers does such a good job at communicating the magical vibe on the game. There's still plenty wrong with the game and I think the prequel was infinitely better, but there's few games out there that did a better job at establishing a new IP. - Far Cry 3. Far Cry games are generally good at introducing themselves in a really cinematic way, but FC3 is probably the best at it, immediately stressing you out with super violent scenes while also familiarizing you with the basics of the gameplay. - Oblivion. Just really liked the prison sequence giving you a sense of claustrofobia before the game sends you out into the wide open world. Also did a good job at explaining some of the gameplay mechanics. - Mass Effect 1. All Mass Effect games have good openings, but the way a small story gradually turns into a big story is just amazing. The sense of foreboding, knowing you are going on a 3-game adventure, it's just difficult to match. That, and the first time you enter the Citadel is magical.
  5. I honestly kind of hated this season until the last episode (well the last episode before the 2 last last episodes are released). It was a nice payoff but too little too late. Couldn't stand Winona Ryder's quasi comedy mental breakdown acting or the constant switching between the story threads, dragging everything on endlessly. Learning that the last 2 episodes of the season will be feature film length makes me not even want to bother with it.
  6. Everyone in a movie having to be quippy like a Marvel hero these days, constantly deflating the tension of otherwise exciting scenes with dumb jokes or deadpan comments. Thew new Stranger Things season was a huge culprit of this.
  7. Curious timing right after the Piquet incident.
  8. - Mammoths were still alive when the Great Pyramids were built, as a small enclave of dwarf mammoths on a Russian island survived into antiquity. - The idea of a personal carbon footprint as we know it was popularized by fossil fuel company BP. - The notion that the typical serial killer is a clever psychopath who effortlessly outwits authorities is a Hollywood myth. On average, serial killers have below-average IQs. - Although attempts have been made to train monkeys/apes in sign language, none of them has ever been confirmed to ask a question. The only non-human being to thus far ever ask a question was Alex the grey parrot, who saw himself in the mirror and asked "what color?" - It is widely known that Leif Eriksson reached the coast of America centuries before Columbus reached Hispaniola in 1492, but the first-ever European to have reached America might have been the Irish saint Brendan of Clonfert. The navigator's tales are recounted in Irish myth, and contain strong indications that his quest to find the 'Isle of the Blessed' made him actually reach what is now North America as early as the 6th century. Historical evidence of this is thin, but British explorer Tim Severin proved in 1978 that it would indeed have been possible to reach the Americas with 6th century naval technology, recreating and documenting the journey in what he called 'The Brendan Voyage'.
  9. Guess F1 media are gonna enjoy talking about this one for about a month or 2.
  10. A really interesting stat from this to me is Max's podium finishes relative to the other numbers. His consistency in finishing on the podium even if it's not his weekend or he doesn't have the fastest car of the weekend is what'll make him super tough to beat in the driver's championship.
  11. Good win by Max. He kinda needed to take this to get some air in the title fight. However, I feel like people are writing off Ferrari too early. They still have the pace to match Red Bull and if they have a few weekends without reliability issues or weird strategy calls, things might be a lot closer than they seem at the moment. Especially with Pérez showing that Red Bull aren't quite out of the woods themselves when it comes to reliability. It's 4 races left until the summer break, so if Red Bull can keep beating Ferrari until then, I'll have good faith. But until then, it's not over by a long shot.
  12. Yeah, I don't see it happening, but with some of the strong cars being way behind in the grid, maybe miracles happen.
  13. Hoping Alonso can convert that P2 in quali with a podium tomorrow.
  14. Completely random question I just thought of: are race engineers required to speak English to their respective drivers over team radio?
  15. So far this is the most balanced analysis I've read in regard to the FIA directive. It's in Dutch, but maybe Google Translate will make the main points of the article understandable. https://nl.motorsport.com/f1/news/waarom-porpoising-ingreep-fia-niet-per-se-goed-hoeft-te-zijn-voor-mercedes/10323257/
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