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  1. 7 points. I had the Williams one wrong as I knew it was around 20 but not which way. Missed the Belgian GP so had no idea how many laps were competed. Couldn't pick between Max and Valtteri for the sprint race question because I only remember 2 races and I seemed to recall them winning one each.
  2. The last one. Kevin Magnussen received interest from Formula E for 2021, but says it wasn’t a series for him. If that was the only option, he would rather find something other to do than racing. “Driving an electric car is better than a kick in the balls, but barely just.”
  3. I got the F1 2021 game and some other random things.
  4. Been playing Forza Horizon 4 (can't be bothered with 5 yet) and in many ways it's kind of a mix between Test Drive Unlimited and the older NFS games. But I notice one glaring issue with open world driving games, namely in that there's no real exciting track design, and with there being so many different 'tracks' (i.e. checkpoints littered across the open world), there's also no such thing as track memorization. In the old NFS games I would spend hours on end trying to beat my own times but there's no real point to it in more modern driving games. Other than that I've been doing PVP in Elder Scrolls Online. The server performance is horrid as always but there's no game like it. Open world pvp with so many different builds means that no fight is ever the same.
  5. And then Ecclestone came out and said he believes Lewis will retire, based on absolutely no evidence.
  6. I do wonder, why is Lewis seemingly so often absent from these things? iirc he wasn't in the previous Secret Santa video either.
  7. I know but I've heard people seriously float this analogy literally 5 times already
  8. I think the proper analogy there would be having a magnet in your own goal.
  9. I dunno about a top 10, but top 3 for me would be: 1. Max Verstappen 2. Lewis Hamilton 3. Carlos Sainz Sainz did make mistakes but if you start from a position at the beginning of the season where you're clearly considered the second driver in your new team, and at the end of the season there's a lot of question marks behind that statement, you've done about as well as can be expected.
  10. Yeah. I can usually do without the analyses and the paddock interviews as you really don't learn a lot from them but when it comes to the commentary and some of the longer features with Max they knock it out of the park. I'm gonna miss Olav in the commentary seat but seeing as I got a subscription to F1TV recently I think I'll just listen to the German commentary instead.
  11. It's gonna be interesting how they'll handle Season 4 of Drive to Survive when the World Champion refuses to cooperate with its creators. That S3 episode about Alexander Albon and Sergio Pérez was already super awkward as Max was barely mentioned at all.
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