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  1. I follow F1 now.
  2. The DNC will probably make the same mistake as the previous time and throw its weight behind Biden with the reasoning that he'll be more broadly supported among moderates. Like with the 2016 elections, I made a bet with my dad that Trump will win.
  3. Panflute

    Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

    I only have a PC so sadly I can't play this. I loved the original, beat the entire game and all extra's and still kept playing.
  4. Panflute

    Annoyances that don't matter?

    People who call each other "sir" on the internet. "You, sir, win the internet for today!" Also those tiny shopping carts for kids in the supermarket.
  5. Panflute

    Things You Used to Think as a Youngster

    - I thought music albums were always recorded live in a studio. I could not fathom how you could hear 2 guitars in a song by a band that had only 1 guitar player in its line-up. - I believed that babies came out of the ass and it took my slightly older cousin to take me to my aunt and ask before I realized I was wrong. - I did not want to share my drinking bottles with other kids because I thought I would get AIDS and die.
  6. Panflute

    If you had the chance to

    Voice of Reason
  7. Yeah, even in the era of Ibrahimovic and Van der Vaart, Ajax never got this far. Ajax's effort this season was a perfect storm and there's no guarantee it will ever happen again.
  8. I don't mind Spurs, but I'm really hoping for a Liverpool win here. Nearly every game I've seen of them this season has been great entertainment.
  9. Panflute

    Unpopular football opinions

    Juventus still displays it at times, like their away game against Tottenham last season. But yeah, we need another Inter.
  10. Pretty gutted. I'm not an Ajax supporter, but wins like the one in 1995 (which I sort of remember still) have a lasting effect on the mythos of Dutch football, and a CL final would have made for a great story, and it would've made a lot of people I know very happy. One co-worker described it as a childhood dream falling apart in front of his eyes. I do hope Liverpool go on to win it now. They're such a nice team to watch and I feel like they deserve some silverware after a season like the one they've had.
  11. That was one of the best football matches I've seen tbh. Barcelona have a serious problem bottling European away games. The art of fumbling.
  12. I didn't expect them to get this far but I've noticed since the meetings with Bayern that this Ajax does have a bit of the same vibe going on as Ajax 1995. Those were different times, but after the 2017 Europa League final and now this, it's good to see that finally Dutch football is starting to leave its mark on Europe again. This prediction among local analysts that Ajax will become the Bayern Munich of Holland within a few years is also starting to become more likely by each day.
  13. Panflute

    Strongest Accent In Your Country

    Limburg for sure. If it's for the entire language area, it has to be one of those weird Flemish accents that I literally cannot understand a word of.
  14. I'd put Mutter above Reise, Reise. It's a bit louder and nearly every song was good, while Reise, Reise had a couple of stinkers imo. The earlier albums are great too but a bit harder to get into as they still have the loud industrial sound.