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  1. Panflute

    2020 Vision

    Not get my remaining wisdom tooth pulled.
  2. Panflute

    Gaming - General Chat

    Finished it. The ending was a bit of a letdown, but overall it's the most enjoyable game in the series so far imo. I'm also trying out the Vietnam DLC, which so far plays a lot like the original Crysis.
  3. Panflute

    Renault F1 Team

    I also don't see how his demeanor has anything to do with his lack of podiums under Renault. When he was still at Red Bull, he was exactly the same, but he did get podiums and even some race wins. Not to mention it's this 'paddock clown' behavior that allows Ziggo to make F1 content outside of the race that people actually want to see.
  4. Panflute

    Off Topic

    Adobe are quite ballsy with silently turning trials into fully fledged annual subscriptions. Found out they were helping themselves to 36EUR monthly for something I never used, and if I wanted to cancel the remaining 9 months I'd have to pay a 145EUR fee due immediately. Fortunately, a brief chat with customer support allowed me to dodge the cancellation fee and get a full refund. Merry Christmas.
  5. Panflute

    Off Topic

    This is how you become paranoid.
  6. I could notice even back then that they behaved like a separate caste. On the plane there I was asked if I wanted to switch seats with a Chinese guy because he was sitting next to a woman with a small child and he kept staring at her tits. All anecdotal and there are bound to be bunch of great people in that country, but they didn't make a great case for their nation abroad.
  7. A friend of mine lived in China and his stories were enough to dispell any oriental myths about a noble and spiritual people. Humans are scumbags the world around.
  8. The funny thing is that Arab nations tend to be far worse with racism than any Western nation. The notion that Europeans/white people are uniquely racist becomes laughable once you interact enough with people who aren't white.
  9. Panflute

    Gaming - General Chat

    A friend recommended Far Cry 5 to me so I'm playing that. The storytelling is a bit wank and not every design choice pans out well, but overall it's a very enjoyable game, largely thanks to its amazing setting. With the absence of those dumb radio towers and a less linear story progression, it also feels much more open than its predecessors. Definitely the biggest leap forward in this series since FC3.
  10. Almost everyone yeah. There are more bicycles than people here.
  11. I don't really know many stereotypes about Holland, apart from the obvious ones that are obviously not true (everyone smokes weed and wears clogs etc.). A few I guess would be we're open and tolerant (partially true; we're tolerant but not very accepting), we're stingy with cash (generally not true) and we're direct (true compared to most Western Europeans, not true compared to Eastern Europeans).
  12. Panflute

    The Holiday Thread

    Bali is like the go-to basic bitch holiday destination here for anyone who wants to go outside Europe. My dad's been there though and says it's nice in spite of it being very touristy.
  13. Panflute

    Album of the Decade

    Peste Noire - L'Ordure à l'état Pur
  14. The province of Limburg is the butt of most jokes but I don't think many people actually hate or dislike them. They just have a funny accent.
  15. Panflute

    Gaming - General Chat

    I bought Crysis and Crysis Warhead again on Steam sale for 5 euros. It's amazing how a 12-year-old game holds up so well, both in terms of looks and gameplay. I seriously enjoy playing this much more than recent Far Cry games.