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  1. Panflute

    Gaming - General Chat

    Getting my PC upgraded as we speak, so I really hope I can soon try out games like AC: Odyssey and RDR2.
  2. Panflute

    The Cringe Topic

    This would've been great if he hadn't delivered it like a bitch. Commit to the bit, ponytail!
  3. Alfa is a really nice Dutch beer. Quite basic but fresh and no weird after-taste that beers like Veltins have.
  4. Panflute

    What are you listening to?

    Just found out that some champ used Guitar Hero to isolate the drum and bass of the Rust in Peace album, so you just hear David Ellefson and Nick Menza playing. It's really is quite incredible knowing this iteration of the band had one of the best guitar duos in metal history in Mustaine and Friedman, but the rhythm section of the band is just solid as fuck. The sound quality is not too great, but you can still hear a lot of subtleties in the basslines that'd be difficult to hear on the actual album.
  5. Panflute

    Could you live with yourself??

    Absolutely not.
  6. Panflute

    The Cringe Topic

  7. Panflute

    What are you listening to?

    Still such a banger almost 30 years down the line. Them duelling guitars. Truly one of the best line-ups in metal history.
  8. Panflute

    Mental Health

    CBT can indeed be very useful. I received a treatment for severe hypochondria in my late teens, and it almost completely cured it within a matter of months. Of course 'curing' is the wrong word to use here as we will always carry these things with us in some capacity, but I am at least able to take those impulses which are still present and redirect them onto a path where these thoughts do no harm before fading away quickly. The simple act of having written down the entire process behind "oh, I think I have a lethal disease without any reason, but I still believe it to be true" contributed a lot to that. So yeah, what you says makes a lot of sense: the anxiety will still kick in from time to time, but you have built up a set of skills that helps you nip it in the bud. I also tried CBT for some other issues, but it didn't work so well there. Still, when something is really bothering me, I often splash my thoughts into a word document just to give myself some relief, and it helps takes the edge off things a lot of the time.
  9. Panflute

    Mental Health

    It's especially helpful if you have the type of mind that lets your thoughts loop in endless circles even if you've 'debunked' them with other, rational thoughts. Once you write it down or type it out, it's almost as if a lot of those thoughts physically moved from your mind onto the paper/screen. Worth a try if you have anxieties that keep you from sleeping or other basic activities.
  10. Panflute

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    It always felt to me as a 'you had to be there' kind of thing. My mom loves them, but she's old enough for her strict Catholic parents to have considered it the devil's music. I was just never fond of pop music in general.
  11. Panflute

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    It is a common fate of very influential bands or things: if it's influential, it means that their ideas will have been copied thousands upon thousands of times, re-interpreted, taken into new directions, and ultimately rejected in favor of something else. After all of that, going back to the source of it all can be quite an underwhelming experience. The Beatles don't do anything for me but I don't feel about them strongly one way or the other.
  12. Panflute

    Metal and Rock

    Speaking of Metallica, today I found back a bootlegged version of No Life 'Til Leather and Power Metal, which is the first metal record I ever bought. That unhinged Mustaine solo at the end. Fucking love it.
  13. Panflute

    Things you're "supposed" to like (but you don't)

    I agree with the rest of what you said but this was one of the funniest things ever tweeted.
  14. Panflute

    Metal and Rock

    I think I saw them 3 times total. The last time I saw them live was when they played the entirety of Master of Puppets, which must've been in 2006 due to the anniversary. They were my 'gateway drug' band and I never got into them as much afterward. Pretty much the only thing I can still listen to is No Life 'Til Leather.
  15. Panflute

    Last movie you watched?

    It's just sad at this point. Kinda assumed all of those guys would be clean now that they're well into their 50s.