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The obligatory 'Is Mezut Ozil Overrated?' thread

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Can be hot and cold. I used to think he was lazy but stats are stats. Amazing ability and can produce something out of nothing, but doesn't do that enough? 

Seems to be that when the team is playing well, he looks good. When the team is playing poorly, he looks to go missing and becomes a bit ineffective. 

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Amazing natural talent but is lazy. He is lazy because I've witnessed his laziness, laziness that can only be described as laziness. Losing the ball and not tracking back, not recovering his position and NEVER helping to cover teammates positions. 

He is a luxury player which is what he was at Real Madrid. A player of moments that relies on his colleagues to bring out his best attributes.

All that spells wasted talent! Terrible work rate or better said, doesn't have the capability to understand or comprehend the ethics behind work and when to apply it.

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People get mad when I call him lazy or that he doesnt put in enough effort. They bring in all sorts of stats like how much he ran per match etc but jogging in the field for 90 mins and doing nothing counts to an absolute zero. Just ask this question, how many times did Ozil try to block a pass or put in a tackle in to win the ball? He is a number 10 and I dont expect him to track back all the way into Arsenal's own box and help Cech but when in the opponent half how many times does he go for the high press like Sanchez and to some extent Ox and Walcott does? He has the ability but it means nothing when he has no desire to fight. He should be sold and replaced by a hungry youngster this summer.

It also doesnt help him the way arsenal play, he is not suitable for possessional play football, its easy to take the ball away from him, he is good only in teams that play fast paced counter attacks and Ozil is tremendous in finding runners on the wings or in the middle.

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He's a brilliant talent, a player who plays well in a team that's playing well. 

That seems like a criticism, 'fair weather player' etc but it really isn't. His game is just suited to having the ball, playing with top players and usually being the dominant side. There are plenty of players who've made careers at top clubs that way, he's not going to turn around a game when it's all going to the wall, he looks like an artistic genius at his best. I think he may be done at Arsenal, rumour is he wants to leave and isn't happy with the criticism he gets.

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Invisible is what I'd describe him. He always runs, he has one of the highest km p/g average in the league but that is only indicative of how little affect he has on a match. No matter how hard he runs or tries the fact that people think he is lazy means that doesn't actually do anything.

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