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So I have some time on my hands after my trip, so why not ask: would people be willing to do a FIFA tournament on PS4?

We did this on Storts' forum, and its some good fun. There will be rules of course but who would be interested?

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2 hours ago, Bluebird Hewitt said:

Kinky. ^_^

As for the actual tournament, I actually have FIFA 17 so could do this. Been a while since I had a piss around.

We could give it a go. its worked on other forums so perhaps with 4 people minimum we could be good to go.


However, I just realized there is a problem with my NAT type as its on 3. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Yeah I'm still up for this, however for the first one I'll sit out and do the hosting I stead. I'll do all the tables and whatnot. Just let me know who's in and I'll start a rules thread.

the reason I'm sitting out is because of my NAT type which is 3. Tried to fix it and nothing. When I get it fixed I'll join the next.

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