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Syria or Uzbekistan

With a win over Iran in the last matchday, they will have to depend on South Korea losing to Uzbekistan on the last matchday, which will see them qualify automatically. A third placed finish will see them have to play a playoff vs third of the other group and then North America's 4th.

In Uzbekistan's case, they will have to beat South Korea no matter the circumstance, which they host in the final game. If they draw, that may see them finish 3rd depending on the other game (Iran vs Syria)



Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso sit in first place in their group. Their last 3 games include 2 at home and 1 away. Away to South Africa, home to Senegal and Cape Verde.


What is definitely the shock of the qualifiers, Uganda have 3 games left. Away to Egypt and Congo and home to Ghana.  With a win away to Egypt in the next game, they are 95% into the World Cup.


North America


A nation that's made their qualifying campaign more difficult than it should be. After getting a crucial win away to Honduras, they drew them at home and are now 1 point behind a playoff spot. They have 3 games left. Next up is at home vs to Trinidad and Tobago, and next month they host Costa Rica and play away to the USA - the latter which will be a final depending on the next matchday.



With Venezuela eliminated, there will be no debutants next year from South America. The table and matches are below if you want to see who faces who as its quite competitive.

The only notable thing to note here is that Peru could return to the World Cup for the first time since 1982, while Paraguay could return for the first time since 2010 after finishing bottom in the 2014 qualifiers.



Nothing to note here either, as New Zealand are already a foot inside the final playoff vs South America. They could return for the first time since 2010.

New Zealand 6-1 Solomon Islands first leg)



Montenegro could be next Yugoslavian debutant after Bosnia made theirs in 2014. They next host Romania, and then have 2 finals in hosting Denmark and going away to Poland in October. Denmark could return to the World Cup for the first time since 2010, Poland since 2006.



After stunning Europe by qualifying for the Euro's, they could next go to the World Cup.  First up, they play a final at home to Ukraine next. Then away to Turkey and lastly host Kosovo.

Ukraine could return for the first time since 2006.



Other nations who could return: Ireland (2002), Serbia (2010), Slovakia (2010), Turkey (2002)

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Who do you think will complete the shock?


Think here it will be the same culprits qualifying, but if there was one I'd pick would have a higher chance, its Uzbekistan


Burkina Faso got a great draw against Senegal the other day. If they draw with South Africa away, then they have a big shot at making it. Will wait on Uganda to see what they do away to Egypt.

North America

Think Panama are done sadly. Those 3 draws at home and loss at Trinidad have left their remaining fixtures too difficult.

South America

Think one of Peru or Paraguay will sneak in, couldn't tell you which until Tuesday though. All depending on if Chile lose.


New Zealand don't have a chance, unfortunately for them. I can't see them beating the 5th placed CONMEBOL team.


Don't think either of the 2 teams will qualify, but I do believe Ukraine will return.

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Uzbekistan out of the World Cup.

Syria into Asia playoffs, will face either Saudi Arabia or Australia. If Saudi Arabia don't win today, it will be them.

Montenegro keep the pressure on Poland, with a 1-0 win yesterday. Iceland take on Ukraine later today.

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6 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

It's going to be so strange seeing Uganda in the World Cup if they make it. 

I see that the footballing heavy-weight that is Qatar are tearing things up too, what a fucking joke.

They have a 19 year old with 47 caps xD

The majority play in Uganda as well. I look forward to football fans say Uganda qualifying for the World Cup over Chile means they are better than the Copa America champions. Will be a glorious day.

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Just now, Stan said:

does everything have to relate to South America? 

In my posting, a lot of it does.

Most of my football knowledge comes from there, so its natural that I compare a lot of things to South America/Peru.

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2 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

chile wont lose to bolivia xD only teams that suck lose to them. especially 2-0 

Argentina then, because we beat them 3-0 ;)

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Just now, Cannabis said:

I can't believe this got a bite.

I'm literally doing fuck all anxiously biting my shirt behind the couch while I wait for this game. Allow me to have some fun mate :$

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Syria play Australia for the second leg on Tuesday. First leg ended 1-1 in Malaysia

Montenegro 4-2 down in Poland with 1 minute left. Eliminated. Poland return to the World Cup for the first time since 2006.

Iceland will seal their ticket to Russia with a win vs Kosovo at home tomorrow (would be the first debutant)




Panama could seal their ticket to Russia with a win over Costa Rica at home on the final matchday and USA lose away to Trinidad and Tobago. 

If USA win, then they will rely on a playoff vs Syria/Australia. Panama are fighting against Honduras, who host Mexico on the final day. A draw may be enough for Panama should Mexico beat Honduras.  Even with a loss, they could get lucky and still seal 4th. It is likely going to depend on goal difference. Panama at -2, Honduras at -7.




If Egypt win tonight, they eliminate Uganda's chances in qualifying. They host Congo and the game is being played as we speak.

Burkina Faso can only qualify if they win vs Cape Verde on the final day and Senegal fail to beat South Africa at home as well as the replayed game in South Africa.


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