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Uber Concealed Cyberattack that Exposed 57m People's Data

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Cyberattack in October 2016 that compromised loads of peoples names, addresses, and phone numbers of Uber users worldwide. Another massive cyberattack that shows these large companies can't really be trusted with loads of peoples public data. They're a target for criminals and they're not keeping sensitive information safe at all.

Pretty fucked up it's taken over a year for us to hear about it.

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They'll get huge fines for this no doubt. Not sure what Data Protection laws are for where they are based in (is it UK?) but regardless to conceal stuff like that is terrible. 

Lucky they didn't get hit from May 2018 when GDPR takes effect. Punishments and ramifications for concealing data protection breahes after that date (and even now to be honest) are huge.

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2 hours ago, nudge said:

Uber are utter shite, just shut it down, good riddance.

They apparently paid the hackers to delete the data too xD 

Lol at the idea of paying criminals to give up the information they've just stolen. Now there's hackers who are a bit richer with our stolen data.

Also I agree, I hate Uber and it should be shut down.


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