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Lucky 15 - Monday 18 December

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Can't be bothered waiting to see how many people comment on the other thread, let's just give this a bash and see whether it takes off or fall flat. I started making a poll for this but I think it's just easier if people post their predictions and try not to be influenced by what other people have already put.

Read this thread if you don't know what this is:

Tomorrow's games are:

17:00 Fenerbahce v Karabukspor (Stats, Form and H2H)

20:00 Everton v Swansea (Stats, Form and H2H)

20:00 Malaga v Betis (Stats, Form and H2H)

21:00 Porto v Maritimo (Stats, Form and H2H)


I'll kick things off...

Fenerbahce 3-0 Karabukspor

Everton 2-0 Swansea

Malaga 2-1 Betis

Porto 2-0 Maritimo

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43 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

Not worth doing this if we don't get a few more votes... come on guys, not that difficult to guess 4 scores and see how we do :D.

i think you should still do it.

I might stick on one myself - can you cash out on them?

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Fenerbahce about to kick off. We will go with what we've got today from a whopping four participants.

The Fenerbahce game has 4 different votes so I've chosen the one with the longest odds which is @Cannabis 3-1.

Everton 2-0 has been voted by me and @Stan.

Malaga 2-1 has been voted by me and @Smiley Culture.

Porto has four different votes so I've picked @Stan's 3-1 due to it having longer odds.

Hopefully we have more votes next time so it doesn't just take 2 people to be the most popular score. Let's see how it does. I've backed it at 10p per bet costing me a whopping £1.50 if we get 0/4 correct.

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5 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

Did you back yours? The Porto 3-1 is in the overall one at 11/1.

nah mate I didn't.

Gonna see how I go in this not betting on it and take it up if it proves succesful. Well aware it might just be a purple patch if it works but we'll see how it goes!

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Fenerbahce 2-0 Karabukspor 🙈

Despite @Stan voting correctly for this scoreline 3-1 was our pick at the longest odds so no dice here.

Everton 3-1 Swansea🙈

Unsuccessful here as all four of us fail to predict Swansea getting on the scoresheet. We'd have made a huge profit had we swapped our two predictions over for these legs...

Malaga 0-2 Betis🙈

No luck on this one as nobody sees the away win coming.

Porto 3-1 Maritimo✔

An unlikely winner at 11/1. Despite the four of us predicting four different scorelines, @Stan's 3-1 pick went into our lucky 15 as the longest odds and with the help of a Maritimo red card this one comes in.

Total Staked: 15 units

Total Return: 12 units

Today's (and our to date) Result: -3 units (20% loss)

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2 minutes ago, Stan said:

@RandoEFC how do 'units' work? 

It's just how much you want to put on. I backed this today at bet365s minimum bet of 10p per bet, 10p being one unit for me, so my -3 units is a loss of 30p.

For someone else they might decide they can afford to put £15 on so a unit for them would be £1 and they'd be down £3 (3 units).

Might just change it to £1 per bet for simplicity.

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