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West Brom Ask For Tonight's Game To Be Postponed

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They've not even got the worst time between games. We do!

Funny how they ask for it now because things are going a bit shit (10 games without a win?) and not when the fixtures were done over 2 months ago. 

EDIT: it's TWENTY games without a win in any competitions - last win, home or away in any comp was against the mighty Accrington Stanley on 22nd August. 

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22 minutes ago, Kitchen Sales said:

West Ham do have an advantage over them. They've had a week off. West Brom have had 1 day off. 

Three things really. 

1) The scheduling has bordered on the ridiculous to suit TV and 2) The Spurs v West Ham fixture being postponed has given clubs an unfair advantage.

Personally, I would have said that all Premier League games are played on Boxing Day, all Premier League games on Saturday and then split half and half over Tuesday and Wednesday night. Simple. They could have still had enough TV games in that time if they wanted.

Oh and the third thing? I specifically brought in a couple West Ham players for my fantasy team based on them playing twice so West Brom can get fucked.

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