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World Cup 2018 & Harry Kane

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Harry Kane is about to play in his first World Cup.

Now, I know that's hard to believe. He has become England's 'One Man Team'. Without him, we could be just as bad Argentina without Messi, or Peru.

The whole thing however does raise an interesting question: Will he be immune from the England curse?

Since 2002 every World Class player England has had seems to have been bitterly disappointing. John Terry, Stevie Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney have all failed to play to the same standards for their country as hey have for their clubs. We can't blame Sven any more, as they have done it on multiple occasions.

Now Harry Kane has been brilliant for Tottenham. Last year he broke Alan Shearer's record, he broke Teddy Sherringham's record, and he scored more goals than Lionel Messi in a much more competitive league. Not bad for somebody that was supposed to be a 'One Season Wonder'.

He now falls in to the same category as those players I had previously mentioned, but will he replicate similar performances?

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For a guy like Kane to be successful at a World Cup and equal or surpass expectations and beat Miro's record he's going to need a very strong spine behind him. Does England have that much quality behind the big man to help him and the country over the finish line? I don't think so. Think he'll tear Tunisia and Russia a new one and probably even score against Belgium but that's not really the issue because for him to score more they have to go really far too. I am calling an exit at the quarters and a semi-final position if they can be stellar in what they do but I just don't see how they'll overcome opposition that have far more balanced teams setup against them. It's that argument about scoring goals is great but not letting them in is just as important.

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17 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Now, I know that's hard to believe. He has become England's 'One Man Team'. Without him, we could be just as bad Argentina without Messi.

This is so untrue that it doesn't even work as a wind up

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Harry Kane definitely hasn't become a one man team, England have proven anyone can be great in the qualifiers. Kane was poor during the Euros so let's just wait and see how he handles a major tournament.

I've gotta hope that with Sterling having a career best season so far we'll have something about us going forward but it's anyone's guess as to how good or shit we will be. Can't see Alli having a good tournament mind.

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