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Liga 1 Betano (Romanian League)

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On 2/7/2018 at 20:39, Daedalus said:

Ha - The Romanian League. They actually have a few good teams unlike some of the other leagues we have on here. :ph34r:

Really? Most of the proper Romanian clubs went into administration and are struggling in the lower leagues or were completely dissolved because of financial difficulties and blatant corruption, while the top tier is now ridden with shit plastic clubs with no supporters. Romanian football was once pretty good, but it has gone completely downhill.

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The Steaua vs Cluj match this weekend was pretty solid, with Steaua Bucuresti scoring late to earn the 1-1 draw. Overall it was a pretty solid game from both sides who remain on top of the league at 1 and 2. 

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Rezulatate 25
Gaz Metan Medias vs ASC Juventus 
FC Voluntari vs Cs U Craiova
ACS Sepsi e vs SC Concordia 
CFR Cruj vs FC Astra
ACS Poli vs CSM POli
Dinamo vs FCSB
Vittorul Constanta vs FC Botosani

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