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Trabelsi: England Had Bigger Names in 1998.

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The Tunisia-England showdown this June will therefore have an element of déjà vu to it, coming as it will 20 years after the pair locked horns in Marseille. To mark the occasion, FIFA.com spoke exclusively to a key member of the African side's starting XI that day, Hatem Trabelsi.

“We were well prepared that day, but we still lost 2-0,” remarked the former defender.

“That England team contained some really big names like David Beckham, Alan Shearer, Sol Campbell and Paul Scholes; the same could not be said for us. We competed against some of the very best in that match, and that proved useful during the subsequent stages of our careers.

“In 1998, they had game-changers like the ones I mentioned earlier; today, they just have good players, who give 100 per cent on the pitch.

“You can't really compare the two generations, especially from a skills point of view,

“Back then, England had truly talented footballers like Steve McManaman. Now, their internationals are much less technically gifted. In the past, tournaments were played at a higher level.”


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12 hours ago, Kitchen Sales said:

The players aren't less technically gifted at all.

I agree. I was watching highlights of a classic Arsenal / United game from 1998 the other week and it's amazing to see how much the game has progressed in terms of fitness, pace, movement and technical ability since then.

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Fewer big names doesn't necessarily mean the players are less gifted. It's just that England's most important players now play for Tottenham so no one knows who they are. :ph34r:

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16 hours ago, Danny said:

Ever seen that QPR v Man City game that was voted worst 20 seconds of football by an Italian magazine? 

If there was one nation I'd expect that from xD

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