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Matchday Chat - 21-22nd April, 2018

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13 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

The MOTM so far has been the referee.

I take that back, the ref has now lost control of the game.

Zaha goes down in the penalty area from a ridiculous challenge by Mariappa and the ref books him for diving. 

Watford have been kicking him all game, the crowd have been booing him, but Zaha has been brilliant.

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1 hour ago, The Palace Fan said:

Finished 0-0. Other than the penalty shout nothing to talk about. May as well close this thread.

Not with tomorrow's blockbuster clash between Stoke and Burnley still to come.

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15 minutes ago, Dan said:

That's Stoke going surely. That was their chance and they were apparently lucky to draw.

If they beat Palace they could go into that last game of the season against Swansea as a decider.

Swansea are at home to Southampton and Stoke in their last 2 games. If they lose their next 2 against Chelsea and away at Bournemouth it could get hairy for them.


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