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Will Euro 2016 Haunt England?

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Given how mentally fragile our squad always seem to play, the fact we struggle to beat anybody good or win a penalty shootout, and how we struggled to break teams down until very late on in the qualifiers. Are we over what happened against Iceland?

I know players are asked specific questions, but every time the squad is together there seems to be direct quotes on that game. It makes me wonder if they'll play more tentative than they should do given our piss easy group.

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I think certainly it has affected the fans. We all expect England to go out at the first knockout. Hopefully it should make them less complacent. Although saying that i was saying to someone yesterday I could see the not beating one of Panama or Tunisia.

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There was always talk that the expectation on the England team was their downfall during that ‘02-‘06 period where we actually had a half decent team and that the heightened expectation led them to freeze/fail/bottle it. Now it seems to be the other way round? I think that’s just lazy really. 


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