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Serie A 2018/19 - 1^ Giornata [17/08 - 18/08]

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Friday, August 17, 2018
Atalanta -v- Frosinone
Bologna -v- SPAL

Saturday, August 18, 2018
Chievo -v- Juventus
Empoli -v- Cagliari
Lazio -v- Napoli
AC Milan -v- Genoa
Parma -v- Udinese
Sampdoria -v- Fiorentina
Sassuolo -v- Inter Milan
Torino -v- Roma

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Fiorentina have officially asked for the Serie A kick-off to be postponed, and at the very least Sampdoria and Genoa won’t play.

Following the bridge collapse in Genoa neither Genovese team wants to play this weekend, but the whole first weekend could also be delayed.

According to the Corriere della Sera it has already been decided that the Sampdoria-Fiorentina and Milan-Genoa games will be postponed, and Fiorentina have officially called for a delay.

“Fiorentina believes that, faced with tragedies like the one in Genoa, everything else takes second place,” a statement on the Viola’s website reads.

“It would be appropriate for even the world of football would stop and reflect at this moment, and respect in silence the mourning that affected dozens of families.

“Football is about passion and fun, but this is a moment of pain and we should all stop and embrace Genoa and its victims.”

Genoa and Sampdoria have already said they won't play, while Blucerchiati President Massimo Ferrero has stated Juventus won't play on the day of the funerals for the victims.


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As of right now, it looks like the matches (outside of Genoa and Sampdoria) will be playing there matches today. A number of teams, including Juventus, are requesting a day off during the burial. 

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I watched Juventus' game and pretty much as I expected it wasn't as easy as everyone thought. Good thing for Cristiano is that he realized Serie A is way more difficult than primera. In Serie A it is harder to score, harder to dribble harder to succeed. This is the real challenge in his career.

Inter playing tonight and I'm full of anxiety already. All these new players playing together with the old ones for the first time. The problem is that Peri and Vrsaljko are not ready yet because of the world cup and I heard that Skriniar also won't play because he had a thigh strain during his last training. no need to mention that Nainggolan is still injured after the friendly game against Sion. All these problems against a team that always causes us trouble. I want to crash those motherf@ckers so badly! They've also stolen Barcelona's logo. Has anyone else noticed that?

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Kluivert looks like the next big thing in Italy and of course that is good for Netherlands as well. Very promising talent. his play reminds me of Robben.

the first 3 games of the season where pretty entertaining but now it's time for Inter.


Lame ass formation. Asamoah as a left winger?! wa da fuck Spal stop being a chicken. What do you have Karamoh for?!?!

anyways. I hope Politano scores against his ex club

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