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Where will Wenger go?

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If Wenger leaves this summer, and chooses to carry on managing, who could you see him going to?

He's been linked with many elite clubs in the past, but his stock has very clearly plummeted in recent times. Would any top club still want him? If no, what is his level now?

I'd like to see him go back to France personally.

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All the news coming out of the cave Arsenal has become points to Arsene Wenger having already signed the two year deal. Even the quotes from senior board members point to this.

Even so, I don't believe it because his situation with the fans is at a point where there's no turning back. Only mentally afflicted Arsenal "fans" continue to support the guy who's become Arsenal's version of Turkey's Erdogan.

If he does stay with the situation as it presently stands, Arsenal will for the first time throw big money at it (remember all this withing this post) and buy part of those that have turned by being coaxed back into support for the out of date manager. That would be enough for the board so as to continue although it doesn't make sense, which is why I don't believe the rumours and that Wenger will finally just piss off. 

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