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European 5-a-side Team

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English Premier League
German Bundesliga
French Ligue 1
Italian Serie A
Spanish La Liga

You can pick one player from each league only to form your team. Who do you choose?




Messi - Ronaldo

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English Premier League - Allison
German Bundesliga - Jadon Sancho
French Ligue 1 -  Kylian Mbappe
Italian Serie A - Koulibaly
Spanish La Liga - Messi


Alisson - GK

Koulibaly - DF

Messi - MF/AM

Jadon / Mbappe - FW

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1 hour ago, Happy Blue said:

English, German, French, Italy, Spain? we could do that maybe but we don't have any Italians currently :ph34r:


It's a player from each league not nationality. Maybe you have some players on loan in these leagues you could pick :ph34r:

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6 minutes ago, Happy Blue said:

I know that, was just working out how to bend the rules to have a team full of City players :8_laughing:

Mate it could be a list of the best players to never play for city and you would find a way to put some in.

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