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Your clubbing days

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Not sure if anybody went in their younger days. I went for a 4/5 year period during the 90s when Manchester was really pumping. Which clubs did you use to go to in your City or around the country you live? Obviously some may go clubbing abroad as I did in Ibiza and Amsterdam. As for Manchester my home city and in England in general, have been to the following.

Sanky Soaps - Manchester

21's in Manchester

Holy City Zoo in Manchester

Discotech Reals in Manchester

The Ritz when there was nowhere else to go in Manchester

Niche nightclub in Sheffield

Club Kinetic in Stafford

Tokyo Joes in Preston

Mr Smiths in Warrington

Helter Skelter in Wigan Pier

Tried going to Creams in Liverpool once but it was full

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Heebie's is the best nightclub in Liverpool.

But for the record, I absolutely hate clubbing and I always have. But Heebie Jeebie's is the one I liked the best. Granted, I liked it better earlier in the day rather than prime clubbing time.

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Wigan Pier, Maximes, Cricketers, 51st State, etc, in Wigan, NEC in Birmingham for bigger events, Pleasure rooms and a few others in Liverpool, 53 degrees, club zone, etc In Preston, the Syndicate and a few others in Blackpool.. 

Was too young for all the best days in Manchester though. 

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18-22 I went clubbing pretty much weekly. Shudder at the thought of how much money I’d have if I never went... 

Been clubbing in Europe too, including little Britain (Magaluf) and Ibiza.

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