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  1. That's true. And you definitely are not involved in the whole thing?
  2. Come on, Inga. That's not very creative
  3. Wow, that is crazy. Almost as crazy as the stories from the streets of Thomas
  4. Awesome. Don't forget the victory lap!
  5. Should be affordable in Kambodscha!
  6. Now we finally know why Inga is not coming to Germany anymore
  7. Everyone who does not post something in this thread until Sunday will be transferred to a forum of my choice.
  8. Klingt wie eine Erfindung von DerWesten So einen Scheiss muss man sicht echt erstmal ausdenken. Klar kann das sein dass Heynckes ihn gerne hätte, aber als ob das daran scheitern würde.
  9. It's nice to have Heynckes back in the Bundesliga. I think it would be pretty weird if they are really doing that to wait for Nagelsmann for one whole season. He is surely very talented but he wouldn't be the first coach who is very successful with a "smaller" team and cannot transfer his football and tactics to a bigger team. Next to that he has not proven himself in the Bundesliga for a very a long time.