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  1. Great win that, tight game and could have gone either way. Palace will probably get out of it by the end of the season.
  2. I thought they did, excellent for a team of that standard anyway. They look very good at the back, Dunk & Duffy very good and I can't see them getting battered all season. They'll survive comfortably.
  3. Brighton looked excellent last night to be fair. That must be it for Bilic now, West Ham have got some good players and look a decent team on paper but they were atrocious last night. Beyond bad.
  4. Everton have been better than they have been recently, makes a big difference playing a winger (Mirallas) as a winger. Who'd have thought it. I think it'll end up 1-1.
  5. Think you've said it elsewhere but I can't see you winning any of your next three games which would then surely see him off.
  6. Tough one. Palace will be rejuvenated after beating Chelsea but we will be tough to break down. I think it'll be a draw but I could see us edging it 2-1 too.
  7. Think Koeman will go if you lose tonight? Should be coming through this group quite comfortably alongside Lyon, now you'll likely have to beat them at least once to stay in.
  8. What a shit ground, fans so far away from the pitch they might as well be sat at home. Not a great game either.
  9. You're going to have to put in the performance of your season to date if you're going to win tonight I'd have thought. Everton 1-2 Lyon.
  10. Week 9 Fixtures

    Friday 20th October, 2017 West Ham 2-0 Brighton, 20.00 Saturday 21st October, 2017 Chelsea 1-1 Watford, 12.30 Huddersfield 0-2 Man Utd Man City 3-1 Burnley Newcastle 1-1 Crystal Palace Southampton 1-2 West Brom, 17.30 Stoke 1-1 Bournemouth Swansea 1-1 Leicester Sunday 22nd October, 2017 Everton 0-3 Arsenal, 13.30 Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool, 16.00
  11. Everton Discussion

    Being reported everywhere now.
  12. Are Lyon even that good anymore? Even saying that I doubt they'll be as crap as Everton.
  13. Do you think Rafa Benitez is going to leave Newcastle for Leicester? Genuine question.
  14. Second half was decent. Leicester could be in trouble this season.