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  1. Last movie you watched?

    I rewatched The Magnificent Seven (the original) yesterday too; much better, although I must admit I liked it better when I first watched it some 25 years ago haha. Steve McQueen, Yul Bryner and Eli Wallach are still top though. As for modern westerns, I agree completely. The last good western I've seen was probably Eastwood's Unforgiven. The Assassination of Jesse James was a good movie too, but more of a drama than a pure western. Quite a few good recent western TV shows/mini series though.
  2. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    The best one is not even on the list...
  3. This reminds me of Shawn Barber, a Canadian athlete who tested positive for cocaine but had his 2 year ban removed after successfully arguing that he inadvertently ingested cocaine when kissing a woman he met on the internet
  4. Wolfsburg 1-3 Leipzig Freiburg 1-3 Gladbach Hamburg 0-2 Frankfurt Mainz 1-2 Dortmund Hoffenheim 2-1 Stuttgart Bayern 3-0 Köln Hertha BSC 2-2 Hannover Schalke 2-1 Augsburg KLeverkusen 3-1 Bremen
  5. Last movie you watched?

    The Magnificent Seven (2016) Didn't manage to watch it until today, it's ok as the action is enjoyable, but wouldn't watch again. They should have called it "The Ethnically Diverse Seven", haha. Nowhere near the original. In fact, I'll rewatch that one now. 6/10
  6. 3-1 Haven't seen such a snowy pitch for a long time
  7. Only until the end of the season though. Reckon they'll try to get Nagelsmann afterwards?
  8. He does a voiceover for a skeleton who wants to see a football match
  9. Just waaaaait and see, Pizarro planned it all along Nah seriously, I wish he had a better career for the national team. He should just retire now anyway, he's completely past it.
  10. I don't know, if low concentration of the banned substance in his urine was typical of coca leaves and actual cocaine use was ruled out (as Guerrero's lawyers seem to suggest), then the ban is definitely too harsh and should be reduced. If that's the case and his defence team has solid evidence (I've read they did hair tests for cocaine which came out negative?), they can still go to the Court of Arbitration as last instance. To be honest, I wouldn't trust FIFA with anything either
  11. I didn't know BVB was SO bad... Important points for us, lost Bartels for a long time most likely though, and Junuzovic picked up a knock as well.
  12. There's still a chance to appeal the suspension though, if he's lucky enough he might still make it to the World Cup. Wasn't Jose del Solar initially suspended for 2 years and then got it reduced to 6 months only under very similar circumstances (consuming coca tea) in the past?