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  1. Wouldn't have worried about it mate, was just messing, got no chance of winning anyway
  2. I think they can, today and Chelsea away are the toughest tests they are going to face and they came through both of them with one goal wins that could have been so much more. It'll depend how desperate they remain to stay unbeaten for the season once they and guaranteed the title.
  3. I don't think he does, either that or he's trying to make a point to the board which is fucking stupid because it wont work.
  4. I think they did shake hands anyway? He's a decent fella is Hughton, pretty sure they'll have spoken after the game anyway.
  5. Fancied Shakhtar last night when I saw the City line-up, sensible from Pep really and to be fair like others have said he'd probably rather have taken Shakhtar through with him than Napoli, who could have been a danger to anyone over two legs on their day.
  6. He'd be right as well. Why should he stand waiting? Only takes 2 seconds to shake hands.
  7. What happened between Klopp and Hughton?
  8. Thought they might, in fact surprised they've taken as many of the top players as they have. Massive game on Sunday.
  9. Comfortable win for Liverpool and they'll top the group without any problems, they were fluky as fuck with this draw.
  10. Voted for ours and for Villa Park. I like Villa Park as well, proper ground and hopefully get in back in the PL sometime soon. Old Trafford is over-rated, been there twice this season and the atmosphere was shite both times.
  11. Utter nonsense. The only thing I would say is slightly better is more matches and there's some decent away days in Championship with much cheaper ticket prices. Other than that, there's fuck all and a lot of dull teams that nobody gives a fuck about.
  12. He just can't be arsed trailing to Cyprus for a pointless game, have to say I'd probably be the same
  13. Never expected Atletico to go out in the group stages but it'll take a minor miracle to prevent that now. I can't see Chelsea being beaten by them at Stamford Bridge anyway.