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IFAB to discuss 'scrapping' 45-minute halves

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Another proposal would see players not being allowed to follow up and score if a penalty is saved - if the spot-kick "is not successful", play would stop and a goal-kick awarded.

Other ideas include a stadium clock linked to a referee's watch and a new rule allowing players to effectively pass to themselves or dribble the ball when taking a free-kick.



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So we still have a game plagued by diving, with most of the governing bodies affected by corruption and referees getting to grips with increased technology but let's make it a priority to change the age old format of football matches. After all, it needs to look like there's actually a point in our organisation (which I've not heard of by the way) existing. About right?

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some terrible decisions being offered there. It begs the question if they think of these themselves (most likely) or actually go out and do some research and see what fans want (very unlikely). 


The penalty thing is stupid. I don't believe in scrapping 45-minute halves. If it's to stop time-wasting, maybe referees should be more stringent and strict on what teams do at the end of halves. 

I thought allowing captain's to speak to referees was already in place? Not that it's abided by but maybe referees getting stricter on this?


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