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Anyone heard of this ridiculously addictive game?
I first came across it a good 15 years ago. A basic version of the game, where you controlled the life and career of one player by making financial decisions, lifestyle decisions, amongst the world of football. Great fun. I just found out that basically the first version of the game (later versions got a bit complicated from memory, or not as fun IMO) on my iphone. So I am now addicted. Started my career in Australia but after one season got a move over to Preston. 17 year's old, no gf, no sponsors, bugger all money. (a bit like real life)


Anyone play it or have played it? 



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8 hours ago, Large said:

You're all shitbags. Had completely forgotten about this until this thread. Thought it would be nice to take a little look again, and now...... >:(

Haha. Yeah me too... it's fucked!

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I found a somewhat cheat. If you start off playing in Peru, you will play something like 90 games your first season, which will put you on your WC team the first year and you can end the season Lvl 10 at least.

...You're welcome.

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