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4 minutes ago, Tsubasa said:

Working on a 2. Bundesliga team. Way more difficult than 1. Liga :D 

Yes! 3. Liga is even "worse", as there are so many good affordable choices and soooo many options to build different squads. Spent my whole morning on it today xD 

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8 hours ago, Faithcore said:

Guess I will join for Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga.

But I won't do my teams yet 

Oh look at me, so fancy, getting promoted and not wanting anything to do with the 3. Liga anymore! :P 

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1 minute ago, Viva la FCB said:

I think i accepted your invitation O.o if you can confirm before i make a team. thanks!

It still shows as "pending". I think you have to make a team first...

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