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Who Will Win the 2017/18 Europa League?

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Will Arsenal go all the way?

Other teams as strong as Milan, Bilbao, Marseille, Ajax, Everton all set to complete their qualifiers on Thursday.

Lyon, Villarreal, Nice join Arsenal as some of the seeds for the group stages. Then there'll be the 3rd place finishers in the Champions League group stages to add in to the equation. 

Your thoughts please!

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Athletico Madrid could be a good shout. Doesn't look like they're gonna get out there group. It won't be their main priority but I imagine they will put it ahead of the Spanish cup. 

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I think Arsenal will take it a lot more seriously now. It seems like their best route to get in the champions league. The other main contenders are more lively to get in through their league which helps arsenal.

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