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The Worst Player-Manager Disputes

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Which is the one that stands out the most?

Costa vs Conte will no doubt go on for another 6-12 months with no one taking him away from Chelsea in the transfer window and Chelsea looking at suing the player. Costa has been left out of the Champions League squad.

There was also Tevez vs Mancini at Man City a few years back. Tevez refused to be brought on during a match against Bayern Munich if I remember correctly. Their relationship was fractious at the best of times and barely spoke to each other anyway, sometimes reportedly nearly getting in physical fights with each other.

Beckham vs Fergie. I definitely remember the images of Beckham and his injuries to his face after Fergie reportedly kicked a boot at him in the changing rooms. Beckham's off-field life seemed to be something Ferguson took umbrage too and the latter thought it was getting in the way Beckham was approaching the game. 

Bit younger for this one but I think before World Cup 2002, Roy Keane went on a tirade against Mick McCarthy and called him all names under the sun pretty much. I don't know the full ins and outs of this one though.


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6 minutes ago, HK85 said:

Rooney and Moyes didn't get on at Everton. Moyes sued Rooney for what he wrote in his autobiography. 

what did speedy granny shagger say about one of the most boring men in football?

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I seem to remember something a long time ago about Gullit and Shearer having some kind of ongoing animosity which even sparked comments from the Dutchman about how Shearer never co-operated with him or something along those lines. All blurry in my memory.

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