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Benevento won 1-0 last night, which means that with 15 games winning, they are sitting on top of the table by a whopping 17 points. 

They are doing one of the most dominant Serie B teams in recent memory. To put this on recent memory, they are on pace to easily surprise what Juventus did in their Serie B campaign. 

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It's great to see Parma win the Serie B title and secure their place back in Serie A for next season. Parma were a top side in the 90's, regularly competing in European competitions and winning trophies. Parma only lost 4 league matches all season and they played some impressive football. It will be great to see them perform again in Serie A next season. 

Parma players like the Romanian wingers, Dennis Man and Valentin Mihaila, Spanish midfielder Adrian Bernabe, as well as young French forward Ange Yoan-Bonny and Polish forward Benedyczak all particularly impressed in helping Parma win the Serie B title and finish as champions. Parma will have a tough task holding onto these important players over the summer transfer window and it will be interesting to see who they will buy as well. But if Parma can maintain the same level of football that they showed in Serie B this season, then they should do quite well when they perform once again in Serie A next season.

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