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Yaya Touré: “Guardiola has problems with African players”

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It’s not the first time Pep Guardiola has had issues with players of African origin when relating to this statement Yaya Touré (who’s been put on the transfer market by Man City) made this comment to the press; “Maybe Pep often has problems with African players”

Guardiola in his time at Barça had issues with Samuel Eto’o who he saw as a destructive character in the dressing room and then famously ousted Yaya Touré for a very young unkown Barcelona ‘C’ team player called Sergio Busquets. 

Subsequently years later both Guardiola and Touré were reunited in the Premier League where one of the main idols at the club was infact the Ivory Coast player. As everyone knows, right from the start he had problems with Yaya and wasn’t playing him with certain sensational statements being made by his controversial agent Mino Raiola (also the agent of Zlatan Ibrahimović) about Guardiola’s capabilities as a coach alluding to being overrated and with a lack of respect for big name players.

But slowly Yaya Touré won his place back and put in some very good performances which had him earn himself a new deal to stay another year at the club. 

But now the club (Manchester City) have put Touré on the transfer list of players that are permitted to negotiate their future elsewhere... This has prompted various statements being made to the media by himself and his representative. 

This tweet just made by Guillem Balague is interesting though;


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Just sounds like Yaya being a prick, no substance to back this up. 

Guardiola is about to sign Mahrez and I’m sure has worked with many other African players. I think he signed Benatia for Bayern also? 

Also he’s not transfer listed his contract just wasn’t renewed. Hardly surprising given he was reported to be on 250k a week.

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These two have a long history and its quite well documented. I get why Yaya does it, because he has always done it even when he was at Barcelona. Plus, anyone seeing his performances of late doesn't need to even know he had a tiff with Guardiola to understand that his time at the club is done. Pep is building something different at City and Yaya doesn't fit in his plans, he got to stay an extra year when a different manager would have just sent him packing. 

Eat some cake Yaya and enjoy retirement.

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