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James Chester - Aston Villa Reject £5m Stoke City Offer

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Selling him for that amount would basically mean Aston Villa accepting that the Championship is their level now and seeing as they weren't that far away from promotion, they probably don't accept that.

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we just don’t know, Tony Xia says it’s all lies in the media but we must cut our cloth accordingly. 

Local media say “he’s struggling to get cash out of China and there’s a 60m shortfall to keep us going this season.”

it gets murkier though, there’s about 10 Ltd companies who are now linked with to Villa, Tony Xia is a director of all and there’s a constant shifting of assets moving around and sales of all our land. (Villa have traditionally had millions of pounds worth of property in Birmingham) that’s being sold off and we’ve loaned against the money we receive. 

It’s either as Tony says and it’s cash flow or he’s been taking what he can out the place and we’re about to get fucked by the latest in a long line of cunts that should have failed the fit n proper test. 


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9 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

Great defender at that level and formed a good partnership with John Terry last season, I’m surprised that West Brom aren’t trying to replace Jonny Evans with him tbh. 

He had a pretty shit time at West Brom recently.

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22 hours ago, Cannabis said:

I said from day one that Dr. Xia seemed like another clown. Absolutely mental how a club as big as Aston Villa can look this doomed.

Stems back 20 years, successive cowards at boardroom level and malaise on the terraces, clubs reflect the surrounding area. Aston is a 3rd world shithole who’s best days are well behind it. 

That and this new circus ringmaster is skint, we’ve finally worked out his financial power


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