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  1. Staring a counter of all the attempted coups around the world since Biden took office. Myanmar - 11 days in office Armenia - One month and five days in office Jordan - Three months, two weeks and one day in office Tunisia - 6 months and 6 days in office Afghanistan - 7 months, three weeks and one day in office Guinea - 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 days in office Update Sudan - 8 months and five days in office Total = 7
  2. Didn't watch the game but nice to break the jinx !
  3. What a weak league 7-0 in this and City leading 3-0 at halftime. Lewandowski would rout this farmers pumpkin competition !
  4. Distribution of vaccines has really exposed the false and shitty economic nationalism that one country's prosperity is opposed to every other. Certain degree of all round prosperity is necessary and good for all. It's not just between developed and underdeveloped world. UK and France have been dicks to each other time to time since Brexit. France like diverted millions of vaccines meant for UK to itself. Plague of the world.
  5. " Educational authorities are generally unaware of the fact that teaching demands a great expense of the spirit. No clergymen is required to preach for a certain number of hours each day, but a similar effort is demanded of every teacher. This makes the teacher harassed, and puts them out of touch with subjects other than their own.... " - Bernard Russell
  6. Penalties should be taken by the players who are fouled. If they are too 'injured' than should be sidelined for 5-7 minutes.
  7. Apparently Bruce Lee's son was also killed on set because of a prop gun in 90s
  8. My possible theories who might have had the really first contact with any parts of Americas. Indigenous people of Oceania with tips of South America Ancient African kingdoms with Brazil Vikings with North America East Asians with North America Ancient Egypt with Peru
  9. Trump has announced he'll release his own social media platform.
  10. Mohammad Salah above everyone else right now because he's the best in the highest competition for me.
  11. Paderborn 0-2 Hamburg Aue 0-2 Ingolstadt Kiel 1-2 Darmstadt Düsseldorf 3-1 Karlsruhe Nürnberg 1-1 Heidenheim Schalke 3-1 Dresden St.Pauli 1-0 Rostock Regensburg 1-2 Hannover Sandhausen 0-2 Bremen
  12. Mainz 1-0 Augsburg Bayern 4-0 Hoffenheim Leipzig 3-1 Fürth Wolfsburg 2-0 Freiburg Bielefeld 0-3 Dortmund Hertha BSC 2-3 Gladbach Köln 0-1 Leverkusen Stuttgart 0-0 Union Bochum 1-3 Frankfurt
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