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  1. I can't pronounce properly at the first time sciou and sc again come together
  2. The head wobble was so accurate
  3. Afghan govt forces airstriked a hospital in Afghanistan. It's not difficult to understand why US failed to rebuild after 20 years. Everything was about empowering the warlords who then do this. Never were going to get the public support
  4. Massive forest fires engulfing Turkey at 22 different parts in the south.
  5. Hockey participation wise is a major sport top 3-5 in the world. It's still somewhat culturally relevant in the commonwealth sphere + pockets like Netherlands. Olympic centric sport through, all the funding revolves around it and it disappears after that. P. S Iran has a hockey team. They are decent indoor hockey maybe they should try the larger format too.
  6. Karlsruhe 0-3 Darmstadt Paderborn 1-1 Nürnberg Hannover 3-1 Rostock Regensburg 2-2 Sandhausen Ingolstadt 1-0 Heidenheim Düsseldorf 4-3 Bremen Kiel 0-4 Schalke Hamburg 2-2 Dresden Aue - St. Pauli
  7. New currency notes from the bank
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