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  1. Firstly what US and Western world in general ignores while dealing with Pakistan is the 'nasty' neighbourhood around it. India has always tried to encircle Pakistan using Pashtun nationalist elements in Afghanistan and you've seen the likes of Ghani complete crooks who've been a pain in the ass for Pakistan since it came to existence. First PM was killed by a Pashtun nationalist. In 1960s and 70s they literally tried land invasion into Pakistani territories. So when Pakistan sees that US is completely ignorant of their concerns of hostile regimes being prompted under their noses but they don't care. They rethought their approach towards Taliban but remember before that nearly all of top Taliban leadership was captured by Pakistan and handed over to US. And why Pakistan prefers Taliban over the likes of Ghani? Because they don't actively act against them and keep Indian influence out. Even though they also aren't the ideal case. Even then Pakistan's influence on Taliban is only to the extent of their policy making. Not on ground support and funding which is complete propaganda which Indian networks peddle anytime and Imperialist and Islamophobes in West happy to propagate as it's a cover for their own failures. All in all Pakistan reacts to situation in Afghanistan doesn't instigate them. Pakistan has a realistic approach in Afghanistan take the best hand available not what you want. All others players US bomb this, buy those, Iran only sees through the nationalistic view of Persian hegemony. When they see Pakistan doing relatively better they get frustrated like they know something that they don't. On OBL I personally don't believe a word of the official narrative. You answered your question yourself why no repercussion for something you hunted while screwing the whole world? Was the same secrecy was around Sadam or Gaddafi death or anyone who US didn't like? so why OBL There is something more than what meets the eye. But even with what's accepted US forces have stated their was no involvement from within Pakistani sources. Like how people are coming to realise this whole WoT I'm pretty sure 10-20 years from now something big about his death will also unfold.
  2. 357 top flight goals is hard to beat. RIP
  3. Players you like respected despite them representing your rivals. A graceful opponent
  4. US Central Command formally accepts none of the 20 people killed in last drone attack in Kabul were ISIS but civilians.
  5. Give the forum 50% of the cut.
  6. Cancelling of tours is a bit of a norm these days but it's the way they did it. Coming, staying normally for a week, tweeting how you're having a good time but then leaving more quickly on the match day than people ran off from Afghanistan without sharing whatever the fuck 'intel' you had is childish. I'm done with Cricket. Like I posted earlier ' the disparities in the sport that everyone pretends don't exist ' that goes beyond BCCI.
  7. Khan of TF365

    Off Topic

    That's MUFC you're talking about. He's probably already seen that but with a Turkey instead of a chicken.
  8. Khan of TF365

    Off Topic

    Just to be clear you don't actually have to use the chicken ?
  9. French govt is pissed Australia ditched them and swapped their nuclear subs contract with US to counter China. Plot twist France teams up with China !
  10. Reptiles are like the awkward family members at a wedding. They have to be invited but kept afar at a separate table.
  11. I learned today that my mother's name is the same of Alexander's wife after he conquered Persia, Roxana which is rendered as Roxane in English.
  12. Why does Shakhtar have so many Brazilian players?
  13. No and I don't like most people so I don't go to crowded places. Introvert
  14. Ramiz Raja becomes new chairman of the board. The guy was also the weakest link of the his team, mediocre who had a good 92 WC but nothing more than that. Infact his test stats are second worst of his era at his particular batting position. Cashed around being Imran Khan's boy. On a side note Hafeez said in a video message that my 12 year old kid has more cricketing sense than him just days before Ramiz became chairman, after he called Hafeez overrated lol
  15. Schalke 3-1 Karlsruhe Nürnberg 1-0 Rostock Kiel 2-3 Hannover Düsseldorf 2-1 Regensburg Sandhausen 1-1 Heidenheim Bremen 2-2 Hamburg Darmstadt 2-0 Dresden St.Pauli 0-1 Ingolstadt Aue 1-2 Paderborn
  16. Hertha BSC 2-0 Fürth Bayern 4-0 Bochum Mainz 2-1 Freiburg Augsburg 2-3 Gladbach Bielefeld 0-2 Hoffenheim Köln 1-3 Leipzig Stuttgart 0-2 Leverkusen Dortmund 3-0 Union Wolfsburg 2-2 Frankfurt
  17. 12 people have been to the moon so far but only 8 have won Takeshi's Castle
  18. High profile doesn't necessarily mean best
  19. Seems like a pre-qualifier, expected Barca doesn't want the flood gates to open
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