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  1. Saturday 22nd May, 2021 Brentford 0-2 Bournemouth, 12.30 St Johnstone 1-1 Hibernian, 14.00 Elche 1-3 Athletic Bilbao, 17.00 Huesca 0-3 Valencia, 17.00 Chicago Fire 3-3 Inter Miami, 23.00 Sunday 23rd May, 2021 Sydney 4-1 Western Sydney, 07.05 Atalanta 0-1 AC Milan, 14.00 Torino 2-2 Benevento, 14.00 Nantes 2-3 Montpellier, 20.00 Strasbourg 0-0 Lorient, 20.00
  2. McAzeem

    Goal Difference Game

    18/05 Oxford v Blackpool League One Play Offs 18/05 Newport v Forest Green League Two Play Offs 19/05 Lincoln v Sunderland League One Play Offs 19/05 Utrecht v Groningen Eredivisie Play Offs 20/05 Tranmere v Morecambe League Two Play Offs 22/05 Brentford v Bournemouth Championship Play Offs 22/05 Swansea v Barnsley Championship Play Offs 22/05 Sutton v Hartlepool National League 23/05 Leicester v Tottenham Premier League 23/05 Nantes v Montpellier Ligue 1
  3. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    U. S. vetoed another resolution condemning Israel. Food for thought, US of A has vetoed resolutions against Israel more than all other members have used their veto power put together.
  4. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    This issue has now become globally partisan on the lines of rich powerful vs poor oppressed. Not an Arab vs Jew issue, the Gulf monarchies are silently supporting Israel backed by Yanks. People in West are taking out protests in millions. Never seen this change of narrative
  5. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Gaza is more densely populated than NY. It will be complete urban warfare
  6. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Hezbollah reportedly has fired rockets as well
  7. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/history/articles/the-state-of-israel-as-the-gateway-to-end-times Read up on this. I see many people are not aware or don't know fully how much that U. S. has people in highest positions who care and pursue some misinterpretations of religious texts than any national policy or international law. Crazy
  8. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Israel has gone too far-right. Breaking every agreement of it's legally prescribed borders, forcing occupation. That's the real problem. Read from any source that how that region has never been exclusive to only one group, maintaining peace through out periods of history than the fuck up we have now. The American far-right religious zealotry who's wet dream is to have a doomsday scenario in the region, to fulfill their 'prophecies' is also a fuck up.
  9. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    If this gets approved then it's blood bath
  10. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Truce rejected. https://www.ynetnews.com/article/ryHhosK00u
  11. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    They have diverted the attention from the forced occupation of houses & police brutality that started this all, but they certainly didn't see these communal tensions across the country coming. Also their use of overt brutal force, quick military build-up on Gaza was pre-planned.