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  1. McAzeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Speculations that the recent Pompeo Saudi meeting was about striking Iran nuclear assets. Possibly the reason Trump changed the Pentagon staff, create troubles for Biden administration so they can't revive the nuclear deal
  2. McAzeem

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

  3. McAzeem

    Adding pictures

    Disable your nudes firewall
  4. McAzeem

    First Goal - Season Two

    44 65
  5. McAzeem

    Other News & General Chat

    Popular Muslim prayer app linked with selling data to US military. Tbh i live with the assumption/fact that all apps do this. Data is big money and these ' free ' apps make their money from selling or collecting your data
  6. McAzeem

    First Goal - Season Two

    36th 48th
  7. Having the Nations League finals only months after Euros will be very weird
  8. Saturday 21st November, 2020 Hibernian 0-2 Celtic Besiktas 1-1 Istanbul Basaksehir, 16.00 RB Salzburg 3-1 Sturm Graz, 16.00 Young Boys 1-2 Basel, 19.30 Atletico Madrid 1-0 Barcelona, 20.00 Sunday 22nd November, 2020 Nantes 0-2 Metz, 12.00 Rangers 0-2 Aberdeen, 12.00 Twente 1-1 PSV, 15.45 Napoli 3-1 AC Milan, 19.45 Sporting Kansas City 2-2 San Jose Earthquakes, 21.00
  9. Why would anyone want to stream legal ?
  10. I remember someone here said when Liverpool signed Salah that he's just a clutch player
  11. McAzeem

    First Goal - Season Two

    76th 48th
  12. What's with Toni Kroos ?
  13. McAzeem

    Euro 2020 - Who Will Win?

    Group A: Turkey, Switzerland Group B: Belgium, Russia Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine Group D: England, Scotland Group E: Sweden, Spain Group F: France, Portugal 3rd Runner ups: Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Germany Bracket: Belgium vs Germany Turkey vs Ukraine France vs Denmark Scotland vs Spain Sweden vs Croatia England vs Portugal Netherlands vs Poland Switzerland vs Russia Belgium vs Turkey France vs Spain Croatia vs England Netherlands vs Switzerland Belgium vs France England vs Netherlands Belgium vs Netherlands
  14. McAzeem

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    I was first thinking of Rumpeldkiltskin