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Everything posted by McAzeem

  1. Anyone seeing the riots in US
  2. McAzeem

    European Super League

    The six rebels?
  3. McAzeem

    Other News & General Chat

    US and Russia are telling each others diplomats to fuck off
  4. Pizza drone delivery isn't here yet
  5. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Invite Simba FC
  6. McAzeem

    Other News & General Chat

    Being in your 20s is hardest than any point in recent history.
  7. McAzeem

    European Super League

    2 year ban for the perpetrators Utd and Liverpool. Strongly worded condemnation for those who got manipulated into joining them.
  8. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Too late to pull out
  9. McAzeem

    Other News & General Chat

    Chad's president killed in clashes with rebels
  10. McAzeem

    Australians Only Thread

    Veronica should let Bailey touch her butt for her mean behaviour
  11. McAzeem


    Inspired by the sleep thread. Thread for sharing your dreaming experience I mostly have dreams realted to real world objects. Few days back i had a dream that its night, pitch black darkness in the sky with not a single star and then a giant golden Anubis appears and starts talking than suddenly he looked towards me and i woke up. Can anyone interpret that
  12. McAzeem

    European Super League

    I wouldn't be surprised if fans of the top teams from France, Italy, Spain will be ok with it over time. They don't value their domestic league that important.
  13. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Disagree UAE under MBZ is calling all the shots of the region for a while now.
  14. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Everything will go their way eventually sadly
  15. Saturday 24th April, 2021 Barnsley 2-2 Rotherham Sassuolo 0-2 Sampdoria, 19.45 Toronto FC 4-1 Vancouver, 20.00 Los Angeles FC 3-3 Seattle Sounders, 23.00 Sunday 25th April, 2021 Shimizu 0-0 Shonan, 06.00 Ajax 1-1 Alkmaar, 13.00 Spartak Moscow 0-2 CSKA Moscow, 14.30 Man City 1-0 Tottenham, 16.30 Athletic Bilbao 4-4 Atletico Madrid, 20.00 Lyon 3-1 Lille, 20.00
  16. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Mourinho sacked. The man either wanted no part in the ESL or wanted too much of the part.
  17. McAzeem

    Goal Difference Game

    20/04 Norwich v Watford Championship 20/04 Verona v Fiorentina Serie A 21/04 Mirandes v Tenerife La Liga 2 21/04 Lyon v Monaco Coupe de France 22/04 Real Sociedad v  Celta Vigo La Liga 23/04 Arsenal v Everton Premier League 24/04 Southend v Leyton Orient League Two 24/04 Troyes v Grenoble Ligue 2 25/04 Manchester City v Tottenham EFL Cup 25/04 Benevento v Udinese Serie A Udinese for double
  18. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Will they have half time shows in the SL?
  19. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Rest of the three teams should be done by public voting
  20. McAzeem

    European Super League

    Liverpool's owners are Yanks
  21. McAzeem

    Hello My Name Is James

    Nice to have you back !