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  1. Stick With Azeem

    The Cringe Topic

  2. Stick With Azeem

    'Me Too' Movement

  3. Stick With Azeem

    The Cringe Topic

    A big actress here followed me on twitter
  4. Stick With Azeem

    'Me Too' Movement

    A media tycoon and the head of the biggest English news network here has been accused of rape by one of it's former male journalist. All the articles against him have been taken out as soon as the news cane
  5. Stick With Azeem


    Welcome !
  6. Stick With Azeem


    Am i winning ?
  7. Stick With Azeem

    'Me Too' Movement

    A college professor here was accused by three four female students of her class of harassment. Turned out they all failed in exams and were trying to pressurise him to give them better grades, but until it all became clear his wife left him, his reputation tarnished and he suicided before he was proven innocent. They alleged that he used to stare at them and use to give gestures that made them uncomfortable. What are your thoughts on Metoo ? Is it still mostly a legit thing
  8. Stick With Azeem

    Climate Change

    How much does human farting contribute to total emissions ?
  9. Argentina legend Gabriel Batistuta has revealed he begged a doctor to amputate his legs after suffering years of mobility issues since his retirement in 2005. The Fiorentina icon, who scored more than 350 goals for club and country throughout a 17-year career, has now undergone surgery on his ankle as he looks to "walk like a normal person again." Batistuta has spoken before about the day-to-day physical agony of his post-playing life, an often ignored aspect of life as a professional footballer. “I was crying from the pain so I asked a doctor to amputate my legs,” he told Corriere della Sera. “I felt pain, pain and more pain. The operation was a solution I’d been chasing for at least six to seven years. “In 40 days, once I remove the brace, we’ll know if the pain has disappeared and I can finally walk like a normal person again.” The two-time Copa America winner, who also represented Newell’s Old Boys, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Roma, Inter and Al-Arabi throughout his prolific career, says he realised the extent of the damage done to his ankles immediately after he retired. His remarkable tally of 54 goals in 77 international games sees him second on Argentina’s all-time top scorers list, behind only Lionel Messi. But Batistuta says he is far form the first goalscoring icon to have experienced such problems off the pitch. “As soon as I stopped playing, I found my ankles to be in pieces,” he added. “Bone against bone, supporting a weight of 86-87 kilograms. The slightest movement became agony. “I had the same problem as [Marco] Van Basten, who said enough was enough at 28 years of age. “I couldn’t get out of bed on some days. I’d be crying with anger and I said to myself: ‘It can’t go on like this.’ “I felt sick, so sick that I went to a doctor friend of mine and asked him to amputate my legs. I prayed to him, I insisted. I told him that this was no longer life.” While Batistuta has never managed a professional side in the 15 years since he retired from playing, he has been linked with a move into management on more than one occasion in recent years. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/argentina-icon-batistuta-undergoes-ankle-201432903.html
  10. Stick With Azeem

    Board Games

    Hoyle Board Games
  11. Stick With Azeem

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    https://en.mehrnews.com/news/151286/Iran-lodges-complaint-against-Bahrain-over-disrespecting-national Bahrain fans booing the Iranian national anthem while their players laughed at the reaction by their fans, Iran has filled a complaint. Bahrain and Iran have history between them. Iran had a claim over Bahrain up until 1979.
  12. Stick With Azeem

    Off Topic

    @Mel81x Mean, mern or full stack ? which one would you prefer to develop your skill sets in for someone who is decent but new in the field.
  13. Stick With Azeem

    Last movie you watched?

    Second that, and even worse is that people say ' just get over it, there are people with bigger problems than you ' when these kind of people are in the early stages of their mental problems.
  14. Stick With Azeem

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    Bahrain 1-0 Iran, first defeat for Iran against Asian opposition after six years
  15. Stick With Azeem

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    Bahrain leading 1-0 vs Iran....