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Stick With Azeem

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  1. Stick With Azeem

    Life Hacks

    A friend of mine who was really good with cars knew lots of methods and tricks for car maintenance like changing tires without the usual tools, too bad i don't own one so never took him seriously.
  2. Stick With Azeem


    West Indies is the team most effected by the T20 mindset, their batting against Australia was a prime example of it
  3. Stick With Azeem

    Life Hacks

    Got a hack for that ?
  4. Stick With Azeem

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Arab monarchs, Israel, West and Sisi they all couldn't stand him alive RIP the only democratic leader of the Arab world
  5. Stick With Azeem

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

  6. Stick With Azeem

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

  7. Stick With Azeem

    Question a Member: Harry

    Why are you so different than rest of the Australians on this forum ? When you delete a software where do all the zeros and ones go ? You received phone calls from these three Spike, nudge and SirBalon whose would you pick up, reply with a text and whose you wouldn't answer at all and why. Do you think questions like what's your favorite book etc are plain boring ? Favorite Airline ? Is it favorite or favourite ? HP or Dell ? 8-ball or Snooker ? China or Japan ? Andes or Alps ? Spot the differences
  8. Stick With Azeem

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    @MUFC @Stan @Mel81x @Asura
  9. Stick With Azeem

    Workplace Humour

    Sometimes i forget that all of the world isn't third world
  10. Stick With Azeem

    Workplace Humour

    But they need something to dry with all of that rain ?
  11. Stick With Azeem

    Copa América 2019

    Nice comeback from Qatar to draw the game 2-2
  12. Stick With Azeem

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Think there are some elements in Iran who carried this out, not everybody was aware for sure. Probably those who want to get rid of this regime but still the actual attack itself was highly coordinated that the ships were not meant to sink and that's where i think Saudi money and Israeli skills came handy.
  13. Stick With Azeem

    Birth Order

    Adaptive and independent - True People pleasure - Hell no, my parents weren't exactly the greatest at encouraging/appretiate when i did things at school i.e winning competitions, sports. That left a mark on me don't care about anyone else at all now. Can be rebellious - Who isn't ? Feels left out - True and I'm really sometimes Peacemaker and Social - peacemaker when it comes to family and close friends and though i can confidently say I'm popular in my social circles but i consider myself unsocial for the most part
  14. Stick With Azeem

    Scotland and Independence

  15. Stick With Azeem

    Copa América 2019

    Ithink Qatar are being slept on this tournament, I didn't realize how scary their new generation was until they had that ridiculous Asian Cup campaign where they dispatched almost every big asian team. I think they'll beat Paraguay today.