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Stick With Azeem

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  1. Stick With Azeem

    The Student Loan Crisis

    What's with the other scandal that rich kids buy their place in the Ivy League ?
  2. Stick With Azeem

    President Trump

    Trump just said Jews love him like he is the second coming of God, I'm pretty sure Jews don't have any second coming in their theology.
  3. Stick With Azeem

    Climate Change

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2456803857923089&id=1559901027613381 Amazon is burning at a record rate
  4. Stick With Azeem

    Members Pictures

    Somewhere in the night.......
  5. Stick With Azeem

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    Nice to see another member having interest in Asian football. In other news, FIFA has given the green signal to Iraq to play their home matches in the country. Good for them really looking forward to the Iran-Iraq match up.
  6. Stick With Azeem

    Racism in football

    Hasn't it has always been the case with football ? Nothing comes close to football when it comes to hooliganism, violence, riots. I mean i have never heard or seen in any other sport that fans stabbed or shoot each other.
  7. Stick With Azeem

    Points Differential Tracker

    Good thread, add goal difference as well
  8. Stick With Azeem

    Members Pictures

    Harry dropping some truth bombs 💣
  9. Stick With Azeem


    Misbah and Dean Jones in line for the new head coach
  10. Football has many grey areas
  11. Stick With Azeem

    The Student Loan Crisis

    @nudge for parent of the year award
  12. Stick With Azeem

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Wish you were my parent
  13. Stick With Azeem

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Students who are unable to manage their money hasn't helped this situation either. A lot of students don't know what they want to study and they end up changing their majors. Higher education at any level in America is way too expensive.
  14. Stick With Azeem

    Question a Member: Pyfish

    Ceylon is the old name of _____ ? A. Myanmar B. Sri Lanka C. Malaysia D. Vietnam The scientific phenomenon that as you move away or towards a sound source the sound becomes dimer or louder is called ? A. Guass's Law B. Pascal's Law C. Doppler's effect D. Bernoulli Theorom Favorite Greek mythology figure ? Which of these Asian teams have not qualified for the World Cup ? A. Kuwait B. Iraq C. UAE D. Jordan Ireland or Scotland ?
  15. Stick With Azeem

    Off Topic

    This year's new comer of the year award will be really interesting, so many great contenders already