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Stick With Azeem

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  1. Stick With Azeem


    Probably because cricket is a bigger thing in these countries than others and yet i would call it the biggest game in white ball cricket
  2. Stick With Azeem


    Kohli batted a bit too slow in the start even if Rohit was hitting boundaries. Also credit goes to us for getting Dhoni and Pandya before they could get going
  3. Stick With Azeem


    Will miss the first overs, travelling
  4. Stick With Azeem

    NBA 2019/20

    Basketball is an individual sport in a team sports disguise
  5. Stick With Azeem

    Copa América 2019

    He did that
  6. Stick With Azeem

    Copa América 2019

    Peru were pretty unlucky with two disallowed goals. Columbia playing just like Iran did under Carlos Quieroz. Defensive, high press but their transition to attack is much more effective and they finished their chances. Barrios is a good player!
  7. Stick With Azeem

    Mobile & Apps tricks/hacks

    This thread as the potential to be gold...
  8. Stick With Azeem

    Life Hacks

    Are you too systematic ? Or you always find an alternative for almost everything Share any trick or hack that you find useful in daily life/chores
  9. Stick With Azeem

    Mobile & Apps tricks/hacks

    Shaking you're phone while using the facebook app allows you to report a problem, a friend told me today it worked
  10. Stick With Azeem

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    I was expecting someone else also to pick Sensible Soccer
  11. Stick With Azeem

    Members Pictures

    haven't seen her yet but going there tomorrow for a big family event, she's the first child in the family after a long time.
  12. Stick With Azeem

    Members Pictures

    and no she is not inbred
  13. Stick With Azeem

    Members Pictures

    I'm an uncle
  14. Stick With Azeem

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Jhon Bolton and co are all gearing up for war but creating another Iraq like situation 2002-03 won't be that easy.
  15. Stick With Azeem

    If you had the chance to