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Viva la FCB

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  1. Lady and gentleman she said yes :D

  2. Mark this day on your calenders. The return of the Hot Babes Thread.

    1. football forum


      People who haven't donated will be wondering where this thread is xD 

    2. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      It should be incentive enough to throw in a few sheckels!

    3. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      @Viva la FCB is a marketing mastermind

  3. Stories like this are just so cool to see, sport transcends and reaches so much further then one can imagine. A little backstory I've heard from NHL insiders that Crosby and Mackinnon both got involved further to send equipment to Kenya for their youths.


  4. One of the greatest highlight packages from a sports reporter ever.


    1. football forum


      stampeding over the plains like Genghis Khan through Eurasia xD 

  5. Sometimes the mic's in hockey pick up more then they bargain for; its subtle but listen for it at the end of the clip


    1. football forum


      Yeah, I've heard a few before. Always catches me off guard

  6. So the best ever town start and it all came crashing down....

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    2. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      He said he was mafia and he said one of the people that voted for him was too from what i remember

    3. football forum


      Which was everyone aise from myself and Cicero.

    4. football forum


      If anything, it means the townies win....

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