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Milan to Discuss San Siro Future

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Inter have discussed leaving for quite some time now. Truth is I wouldn't mind it. Inter needs to follow Juve's lead and build a smaller stadium that will be more filled and add excitement. 

I have been to the San Siro a few times, and it's definitely iconic, but a move might be best for both Milan teams. 

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20 hours ago, Spike said:

One of the two teams needs to leave with the other purchasing the stadium from the city. The current stadium situation in Italy is beyond embarrassing for many clubs.

how come?

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  • The title was changed to Milan to Discuss San Siro Future
12 minutes ago, Stan said:

how come?

From what I've read a lot of them are really old and aren't even owned by the clubs. For instance Roma and Lazio lease their stadium as it's own by an Olympic Comittee. It also hasn't been renovated for near 30 years. Same with Fiorentina's stadium. They are all knocking about with relics from the 90WC.

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1 hour ago, Stan said:

how come?

Old, aren't owned by the clubs, typically can't fill half of them. 

Look at the attendance for Serie A this year, it a shadow of what it used to be. 

Look at this chart for this year matches, reaching 50% capacity puts you right in the middle...



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Inter and Milan want to demolish San Siro and replace the stadium.

However, unlike seemingly every news organisation hasn't realised, they do not own the stadium currently. The City of Milan owns the stadium. So a lot more hoops to jump through than every half informed account on Twitter realises.

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