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Pichichi - La Liga Santander Top Scorer

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In Spanish football, the Trofeo Pichichi is awarded by the sports newspaper Marca to the top goalscorer of each La Liga season. Named after the Athletic Bilbao striker Rafael "Pichichi" Moreno, the trophy has been awarded annually since the 1952–53 season. All top scorers who preceded the award's creation were retrospectively named Pichichi winners by Marca.

The Pichichi is not officially recognised by the league's governing body, the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP). As the award is based on Marca's subjective criteria, its data may differ from the official match delegate reports. For the top scorers in La Liga according to LFP data, see List of La Liga top scorers.

I will be putting all the past winners of Spain's top scorer award when I've got time and from then on this will be kept upto date season by season.

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I'm glad to see Leo Messi win this award again, for the first time since 2013. It's just a shame that it didn't result in a La Liga title this time :| But still, the fact that he plays virtually as a midfielder and he can still score so many goals, is spectacular to the say the least. 

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12 hours ago, The Rebel CRS said:

Has Bakambu gone to China now? What a waste if so. He's a pretty good player for Villarreal.

As far as I understand he’s still registered to Villarreal CF mate.  I know various Premier League clubs have been seriously interested in signing him. If he goes to China then we have yet another cop-out like Aubameyang moving to China from the Bundesliga yesterday.

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5 minutes ago, Stan said:

Suarez 3rd in that list is surprising as he's had a fairly poor season by his standards! Only really came in to form around late November, December time.

Yeah, the departure of Neymar and long term injury to Dembélé (just returned and is selected for today) really hurt Suárez because rival defences could dedicate more time to controlling the Uruguayan.  Before there were three and now there are two to focus on for whoever Barcelona has been playing.  It has taken time for Luis Suárez to adapt to this but has starting scoring consistently again since over a month ago now and especially in important games which is vital for someone of his standing.

Must also add that he had some sort of a knee issue throughout the first couple of months of this new season which apparently hampered his free movement and explosiveness.

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Just now, Stan said:

the rest can be seen here.


That's the top 25. 

Not one Real Madrid player in there. Given the talents in their squad, that's unacceptable.

Even Loic Remy is there ffs. 

The two top scorers for Real Madrid so far this season are both on just 4 goals... Cristiano Ronaldo and amazingly Gareth Bale.

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1 hour ago, Stan said:

what are the 2nd, 3rd and 5 columns?

I'm guessing the 2nd is assists?


33 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

I would guess

PIE = shots

CAB = headers

PEN = penalties

FAL = free kicks


ok guys...

Pie = foot in Spanish

Cab (Cabeza) = Head in Spanish

Pen (Penalty) = self evident

Fal (Falta) = Foul in Spanish


I got them from the entity that owns the Pichichi award which is MARCA.

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9 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

SirBalon used a different source this time because Ronaldo is catching up he wanted to use one that shows how many of his goals are headers and penalties to discredit him :ph34r:.

Haha... Nah, the app I usually use for some reason keeps crashing today.

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