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Bundesliga 2017/18 - Matchday 7

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Friday 29th September, 2017
Schalke vs Leverkusen, 19.30

Saturday 30th September 2017
Gladbach vs Hannover
Frankfurt vs Stuttgart
Augsburg vs Borussia Dortmund
Wolfsburg vs Mainz
Hamburg vs Werder Bremen, 17.30

Sunday 1st October, 2017
Freiburg vs Hoffenheim, 12.30
Hertha Berlin vs Bayern Munich, 14.30
Koln vs Leipzig, 17.00

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What a game so far, Schalke lead 1-0 and its been deserved. I have to mention what a lovely player Julian Brandt is though, looks an exciting prospect for German football. Same said for Leon Goretzka.

Alario has been invisible so far, he usually likes to show up and bag a goal out of nothing though so don't rule him out.

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Julian Brandt is something else. Its not the first time I've seen him (although one of the first times in the Bundesliga) but I like him better than what I remember of Draxler in Germany. All a matter of time I'd say.

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Same problems different match. Just very low morale and team work again today. Obviously Sagnol is not the long-term solution (though it would have been nice honestly for him to defy expectations), but we need someone who can calm things down and bring back a more positive mentality to the team. Hertha played really well in the second half and responded well to the pressure while we totally collapsed under it. First half was decent but second a total clusterfuck. Ribéry out probably for a while. Feel for him but he really should announce his retirement, maybe then the board will put an end to this charade and invest in a new winger or two. The last few years we've been reacting to problems as they arise instead of preparing properly for the future. Too many stopgaps and not enough foresight like the board wanted to ride out the glory as long as possible without preparing for the future. They did that with the centre back situation when they were crowding the midfield when Guardiola was here and now the ongoing winger situation of the last few years. The only positive out of today's game was seeing Martinez back as DM. Not that I think we should write off this season obviously, but we need to think more about the future now than just the present season. You'd think by now we'd have learned from the past by, but think the CL win created a few years of delirium for the board.

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