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Leeds United sack Thomas Christiansen

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14 hours ago, Cannabis said:

I don't follow the Championship closely but Leeds were doing really well at the start of the season wasn't they? Surprised that come February they've sacked the manager although some big things may have happened between September/October to now. 

Thoughts @Lucas?

TC was a nice guy and very likeable but tactically very one dimensional.

He was far too rigid in the formation he wanted us to play (4-2-3-1) and wouldn't switch from that. This was fine at the start when teams were not sure how to deal with us and the confidence of winning games put us on a run.

However, when teams did work us out, we were too easy to play against because we didn't have enough flexibility to change our system and ideas. We soon became too predictable. I think there is a stat out there I heard that everytime we've conceded the first goal this season, we've lost. It's an absolute ridiculous stat and shows how TC doesn't seem to have that ability to get us back into games. Unfortunately, this is all his responsibility.

The only thing I would say in his support is the playing personnel. I think the biggest problem for us is that the coach (I say coach because that is the way our structure seems to work) does not seem to have a big enough input into signings. The transfer business is largely done through Victor Orta and I have to say, whilst we have signed one or two decent unknowns, the others have been complete flops. So much so that our squad is in no way, shape, or form good enough for promotion. I am convinced TC would not have signed some of the players we have if he had the ultimate call.

We haven't replaced Chris Wood properly and lost his goals, we haven't filled Rob Green's gloves who had a brilliant season last year, we never replaced Charlie Taylor and simply made do by playing right backs there and we never replaced Kyle Bartley who formed a solid partnership with Pontus Jansson from last season either. We are a weaker side this year and it really is frustrating.

Last year, had we had a Samu Saiz and possibly Alioski in addition to what we had, I think we could have done it.

For what it's worth, the squad is not good enough to go up IMO and what it needs now is someone to come in, work with the squad and get them into a position ready for next season. 

Replacements wise, I don't feel like there's one outstanding candidate just now. Of the names mentioned, I can tell you now I don't wan't McClaren. I don't want Jaap Stam. I don't want Grayson. I have a feeling it could be someone random again as that seems to be the norm these days.

I've seen people say Marco Silva but let's be real. It will not be him. Gordon Strachan could be a shout. Ex Leeds, he'd be a popular appointment and I liked the job he did at Southampton.



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10 hours ago, The Palace Fan said:

Paul Heckingbottom. That's a promising career wasted.

It's looking nailed on now.

This didn't seem to go down too well from what I've read on various social media, probably because Heckingbottom isn't a 'name' and he's coming from the mighty Barnsley.

That said, I actually think there's plenty of reason's to be optimistic about this.

  • He's worked wonders at Barnsley, taking them from relegation zone in League One to promotion and a JPT trophy in the same season. They played really good football during this spell too.
  • Last year, they gave a very good account of themselves on their first season back in the Championship and were at one point, as high as 8th, before they sold the likes of Alfie Mawson, Connor Hourihane, Sam Winnall and James Bree without replacing them.
  • Having originally came from Barnsley's academy, he has a good reputation for developing players and bringing youth through. Seeing as we've signed a lot of young players for our under 23 development squad, I could see him being the ideal guy to bring some of these through into the first team and improving them further.
  • He's eared his stripes performing above what was expected and seeing as we've given the job previously to the likes of Warnock, McDermott, Rosler, Evans, Monk etc who may be considered 'bigger names', he deserves a shot as much as any of them did.
  • He has openly slated us previously and yet he's still jumped at the chance to join us, showing he realises what a great opportunity he has at his feet. He's got ambition and clearly wants to take on one of the biggest challenges domestically in getting us back in the PL.

We need to get this right sooner or later. I still think the underlying issue is Victor Orta and the buying cheap foreigners policy but at least Heckingbottom comes with a good reputation amongst fellow professionals for his coaching and that was one of the things that sadly let TC down. 

More than happy to give the lad a chance. Eventually, someone has got to get this club to click. Why not him...

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4 hours ago, Danny said:

Apparently days into a new 4 year contract at Barnsley and he's jumped ship?


3 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

He only signed a new deal last week at the club he supports and this week he’s jumping ship to Leeds. This will hurt if you’re a Barnsley fan today. 

 Do you reckon they may have been aware Leeds were interested and tied him in for the 500k pay out? 

Barnsley fans on Twitter seem happier than Leeds fans about this xD

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