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Your Best Tournament Prediction/Betting Wise

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What short tournament did you have a really good set of predictions of win a lot of bets?

My 2 best are the Copa America 2015 and the U20 World Cup in 2017 where I nailed it for the most part. I actually almost won $600 because I put money on Venezuela to win the tournament, but England had to ruin that for me at the end.

My worst was the Copa America centenario where I got a ton of predictions wrong.

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I was up on the last World Cup but by hardly anything really. Kept a score of it as my sig on here and got laughed at when I kept it in for a long time that I'd won about £16 xD

Euro 2016 was the worst I will ever have. Just utterly terrible luck from start to finish. I won one bet all tournament out of about 15, and even that one I put the stake and winnings on Belgium to have 6 or more corners against Ireland. They had 5 after 25 minutes. No clue needed for what happened next.

Copa America 2015 I had a £10 on Chile to win the tournament enhanced at 22/1. The catch was it was paid out pretty much entirely in free bets.

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funnily enough, it wasn't a bet as such but something I said to my brother. and this was before I could bet anyway.

One night in Istanbul, AC Milan were 3-0 up against Liverpool at half-time.

No word of a lie, I said to my brother 'I bet Liverpool come back and win on penalties'.

The rest, as they say, is history. 

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I don’t really pinpoint specific tournaments to attempt to win money from, I usually go for anything that represents value based upon statistics pre-game.  

I won a couple of hundred quid on Orient’s relegation last season and I’ve been known to bet in play at whatever game I’m at if something seems likely to happen. 

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