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The Championship - Relegation Battle

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The thick end of the season! 

Plenty of teams still in danger of getting sucked in to the relegation battle. 

In previous seasons, the following have finished 21st and escaped relegation with their points in brackets:

16/17 - Nottingham Forest (51 points, goal difference)
15/16 - Rotherham (49 points); Charlton relegated on 40 points)
14/15 - Rotherham (46 points); Millwall relegated on 41 points
13/14 - Birmingham (44 points, goal difference)
12/13 - Barnsley (55 points); Peterborough relegated on 54 points
11/12 - Barnsley (48 points); Portsmouth relegated on 40 points 
10/11 - Doncaster (48 points); Preston relegated on 42 points
09/10 - Crystal Palace (49 points); Sheff Weds relegated on 47 points
08/09 - Plymouth (51 points); Norwich relegated on 46 points
07/08 - Coventry (53 points); Leicester relegated on 52 points

Average total points over 10 years for 21st place - 49.4
Average total points over 10 years for 22nd place - 45.7

Current table:

Whilst it's vastly unlikely that anyone Millwall, Sheff Weds or QPR will get relegated as they only need a few more wins to be safe, stranger things have happened in football.

Hull's fall has been remarkable for all the wrong reasons. In a right slump. 

Looks like Burton's time in the  Championship could be coming to an end. A valiant effort up til now. Birmingham's upturn in form should give them some confidence to perhaps pull away in the right direction. Likewise with Bolton.

Towards the end of the season, there could be some very pivotal moments in key games...
10th April - Burton vs Hull
14th April - Hull vs Sheff Weds
14th April - Reading vs Sunderland
14th April - Barnsley vs Bolton
21st April - Sunderland vs Burton
28th April - Burton vs Bolton
28th April - QPR vs Birmingham

Final Day - 6th May
Birmingham vs Fulham (relegation vs play-off?)
Bolton vs Nottm Forest
Brentford vs Hull
Cardiff vs Reading (play-off vs relegation?)
Derby vs Barnsley (promotion vs relegation?)
Preston vs Burton (play-off vs relegation?)

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At the start of the season I had Barnsley, Burton and Forest to go down. Barnsley I reckon are still likely to drop just because of how the squad has been ripped to shreds over the previous eighteen months. Burton I imagine will join them as whilst they've given it a great effort I think they lack the sufficient quality to go down. However I imagine themselves, Sunderland and Hull will begin scrapping for points at a quick pace in the last eight or so games. Sunderland's mentality was quite poor in the 'dog fight' stage last season whilst Nigel Adkins track record of 'dog fighting' is less than desirable. So I reckon Burton still have a chance.

I imagine Bolton and Birmingham will be involved when that scrapping for points stage picks up. I can see Reading replacing Jaap Stam with an appointment that saves them, and I think the appointment of Karanka is sufficient enough to save Forest. I imagine QPR and Sheffield Wednesday are at a stage where they can have a boring limp over the finishing line, whilst Millwall wont be involved and I think they can look back and say this has been a good season.

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so now it comes to the final day next Sunday

19th - Reading, 43pts, -22 GD
20th - Birmingham, 43pts, -32 GD
21st - Barnsley, 41pts, -21 GD
22nd - Burton, 41pts, -42 GD
23rd - Bolton, 40pts, -36 GD

Birmingham vs Fulham
Bolton vs Forest
Cardiff vs Reading
Derby vs Barnsley
Preston vs Burton

How do we think it'll go?

I think:
Birmingham 1-2 Fulham
Bolton 1-1 Forest
Cardiff 1-0 Reading
Derby 3-1 Barnsley
Preston 1-1 Burton

Which would mean Burton survive with Barnsley and Bolton finishing level but being relegated


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I am seriously looking forward to this last day. It's going to be amazing as a neutral.

I think Burton and Barnsley will go. I expect Bolton, shit as they've been lately, to beat Forest.

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8 hours ago, Dan said:

I am seriously looking forward to this last day. It's going to be amazing as a neutral.

I think Burton and Barnsley will go. I expect Bolton, shit as they've been lately, to beat Forest.

Won't happen. 

The manager hasn't got a clue, the players simply do not look bothered. It's another 'must win' game, and we'll play with three holding mids, with centre halves lumping it up to man-microbe Le Fondre. Forest will score from a set piece after a bright opening from Bolton, and then any glimmer of effort will fall out of the home 'team'.

Noone, our only creative outlet now Ameobi doesn't give a toss, will come off the bench with 15 minutes to go while we are 2-0 down, because Phil Parkinson is a fucking genius. The game will end with a cacophony of abuse from fans who have been subject to a good 35 truly abject performances this season. I won't be there, I refuse to pay £36 (you robbing twats) to fund Ken Anderson's Carribbean summer holiday.

Sad thing is, both Preston and Derby will stuff Burton and Barnsley as they both have something huge to play for, and yet, this gathering of no-mark shitehawks will quite happily fuck off into the sunset with a relegation on their pathetic CVs.

Annoyingly, even if we stay up, this group of talentless has-beens / was-nevers will get credit for 'doing well under financial constraints' and we'll have yet another season of aimless guff to look forward to. I never want my team to lose, but I need another season of this like I need an ebola sandwich.

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I can see Barnsley turning Derby 'The Chokers' County over. Derby will be nervous as fuck about a playoff place but Barnsley know it's shit or bust. Do not be shocked if they do.

Burton have left it too late for me. Won't win at Preston. To be honest, they deserve to plunge. Gash side.

Can't stand Reading, would love to see that no mark club drop but they have too much going in their favour. And you just know they will roll over against Cardiff as well and still be fine. 

Birmingham will be okI think. Infact, I think they might rob a point off Fulham.

Bolton have shown effort at times but effort isn't enough. No disrespect to Stef but they need to go. Been very disappointed with them and getting turned over like they did at Burton who are just as limited a team, possibly even more so, shows where they are at.

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