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Player Power

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It's probably a little of both tbh.

If the players go sour on a manager, it's much cheaper to replace the manager than whole team. But should players be going sour on a man who led them to success less than twelve months ago? Probably not... but most football players are dumb cunts who are paid too much, so they've probably got massive egos.

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I think player power has been as strong at Chelsea now than it ever has been, how many managers got the sack there off of the back of an unhappy Terry/Cole/Lampard/Drogba? Or seemed to anyway.

I think Ranieri was out of his depth after expectations rising so much, he gave too much to the team that won the league which was commendable but really should have upgraded on a lot of them.

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I think player power is dead at Chelsea. Mourinho is a bit of a dickhead that talks a lot; so I can see why players would get fed up with him. Besides, the club was in the dire straights playing the worst football they've ever played.

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