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Fabio Borini Joining AC Milan

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Fabio Borini is like an incredibly poor mans version of Dirk Kuyt... except he probably won't ever revert back to being a striker ever again. I suppose he's a good asset for AC Milan because he's very busy on the pitch - the one thing you can't really ever fault from him is his workrate. But if they want to get back to being the AC Milan we all remember, they'll want to upgrade on him eventually. Step one for them though is steadying the ship and building on last season's turnaround by Gattuso.

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Would love to see Borini back in the Premier League. He did well for Sunderland when he was there on loan for his first spell with them. Even got his name on the back of my Sunderland shirt whilst I was at Uni when he scored on a bet for me.

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10 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

Do Palace need someone that'll just run around a lot and not much else? Don't think he'd offer much to Palace other than his high workrate.

Some one to run on to Bentekes knock downs...?


Honestly was so disappointed in Fabio at Liverpool with his finishing my main gripe... Banged the ball straight at the keeper time after time like a defender who couldn't believe he had the ball in the area and just wastes the chance.

Reshaping himself as a winger was a good move given the above.

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