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Coppa Italia 2018/19 - Final - Atalanta 0-2 Lazio

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First Round started today. 

Casertana 2 - 0 Picerno

Tomorrow's Matches are as follows:

Alessandria -v- Gianan Ermino
Monza -v- Matelica Calcio
Sudtirol -v- Albalonga
Viterbese -v- Rende
Renate -v- Rezzato
Sambenedettese -v- Sanremo
AlbinoLeffe -v- Pordenone
Vicenze -v- Chieri
Ternana -v- Pontedera
Catania -v- Como
Juve Stabia -v Pistoiese
Monopoli -v Piazcenza
Carrarese -v- Imolese
Trapani -v- Campodarsego
FeralpiSalo -v- Virtus Francavilla
Robur Siena -v- Sicula Leonzio
Piza -v- Triestina

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Today's Results

Alessandria 0-1 Gianan Ermino
Monza 1-0 Matelica Calcio
Sudtirol 2-1 Albalonga
Viterbese 1-0 Rende
Renate -0-2 Rezzato
Sambenedettese 1-0 Sanremo
AlbinoLeffe 0-1 Pordenone
Vicenza 2-1 Chieri
Ternana 1-1 Pontedera
Catania 3-0 Como
Juve Stabia 1-0 Pistoiese
Monopoli 1-1 Piazcenza
Carrarese 0-1 Imolese
Trapani 1-0 Campodarsego
FeralpiSalo 2-0 Virtus Francavilla
Robur Siena 2-0 Sicula Leonzio
Piza 2-2 Triestina


2nd Round

Ascoli -v- Viterbese
Spezia -v- Sambendettese
Carpi -v- Ternana
Foggia -v- Catania
Hellas Verona -v- Juve Stabia
Brescia -v- Pro Vercelli
Perugia -v- Novara
Cittadella -v- Monopoli
Benevento -v- Impolese
Cosenza -v- Trapani
Venezia -v- Sudtirol
Lecce -v- FerapliSalo
Virtus Entella -v- Robur Siena
Salernitana -v- Rezzato
Calcio Padova -v- Monza
Livorno -v- Castertana
Crotone -v- Giana Erminio
Pescara -v- Pordenone
Palermo -v- Vicenza
Cremonese -v- Pisa

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Udinese 1-2 Benevento
Genoa 4-0 Lecce
Chievo 1-0 Pescara
Spezia 0-1 SPAL
Catania 2-0 Verona
Virtus Entella 2-0 Salernitana
Brescia 2(4) -2(5) Novara
Parma 0-1 Pisa
Empoli 0-3 Cittadella
Livorno 0-1 Crotone
Sampdoria 1-0 Viterbese
Cagliari 2-1 Palermo
Frosinone 0-2 Sudtirol
Sassuolo 5-0 Ternana
Torino 4-0 Cosenza
Bologna 2-0 Padove

December 5, 2018

Bologna vs Crotone
Novara vs Pisa
Sassuolo vs Catania
Chievo vs Cagliari
Benevento vs Cittadella
Sampdoria vs SPAL
Torino vs Sudtirol
Genoa vs Virtus Entella

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  • Administrator

Fourth Round ties

Tuesday 4th December, 2018
Benevento vs Cittadella, 14.00
Bologna vs Crotone, 17.00
Sampdoria vs SPAL, 19.45

Wednesday 5th December, 2018
Novara vs Pisa, 14.00
Sassuolo vs Catania, 17.00
Chievo vs Cagliari, 19.45

Thursday 5th December, 2018
Genoa vs Virtus Entella, 17.00
Torino vs Sudtirol, 19.45

Teams participating in Europe (Juventus, Milan, Inter, Napoli, Lazio, Atalanta, Fiorentina, Roma) all enter at the next round.

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No thread for the Super Cup so... just some stats I found:

Cristiano Ronaldo:

A goal in 14 different finals.
A total of 19 goals in finals.
19 wins in finals.

Juventus have now won 15 trophies in this decade, which is the most won by any Italian team in a single decade.

 Most Scudetti [36] in history
 Most Coppa [13] in history
 Most Supercoppa [8] in history]
 Most decorated Italian team ever [68 major trophies]

Giorgio Chiellini lifts his first trophy as the Captain of the entire Juventus squad. He's one trophy away from matching Del Piero's tally of 18 trophies at Juventus, which is the second most in the club's history.

Ronaldo's last loss in a final came vs Atléti in the 2013 Copa Del Rey at the Bernabéu.

 12 consecutive wins in finals since then:
2014 UCL, UEFA Supercup, CWC
2017 UCL, UEFA Supercup, Supercopa, CWC
2018 UCL, Supercoppa [held in 2019]

Juventus have won 15 trophies so far in the era of Agnelli Presidency.

Most successful Juventus Presidents ever:
Boniperti & Chiusano = 16 
Andrea Agnelli = 15 

Most successful italian teams by decade:

1890s: Genoa[2 trophies] 
1900s: Genoa[4]
1910s: Pro-Vercelli[3]
20s: Bologna, Genoa, Pro-Vercelli[2]
30s: JUVENTUS[6]
40s: Toro[6]
50s: JUVENTUS,Milan[4]
60s: Inter,Milan [7]
70s: JUVENTUS[7]
80s: JUVENTUS[9]
1990s: JUVENTUS,Milan[13]
2000s: Inter,Milan[8]
2010-now: JUVE[15]

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Atalanta missed a great opportunity to make it 3-0. Instead the ball gets loose and all the Juve players all to the ground, resulting in a few phantom fouls in Juve favor. 

Stop me when you've heard this before. 

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