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Renato Tapia at Liverpool

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Not an official transfer rumour, so I'm placing it in this section just to not have confusion.

In case you didn't know, Renato Tapia has a bit of a history with Liverpool. About 2 years ago, he had a trial with Liverpool and didn't pass it. He's learnt a lot since then. He's a defensive minded midfielder with that destroyer mentality and can also play center back. Versatile and could do well at the club, given their lack of great midfielders.

What do you guys think? @LFCMike @Mantis Toboggan M.D. @Dr. Gonzo

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3 minutes ago, LFCMike said:

We've just spent about £40m on a defensive minded midfielder. Henderson was much better there in the second half of last season too. It's not a position we need to strengthen

Excuse my ignorance - who is it? Not coming up to me right now

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3 minutes ago, LFCMike said:


Never bad to have him as a rotation option. I think he needs to have a really good game vs Australia to be considered. Him missing the France game was not ideal for all parties involved.

Renato would be stepping up from the Dutch league, where as Fabinho had already accomplished lots of things in Europe so I don't think its an all bad idea to let him in for a few games as a sub or rotating. It would be a cool story though, given the history between the 2.

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16 minutes ago, Spike said:

I don't think he really is a DM though. More box-to-box.

I've never seen him so wouldn't know to be honest, only going on stuff I've read. He sounds versatile though which it's what Klopp likes in his midfielders

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