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Gary Cahill - Considering Chelsea Departure

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Admittedly, it would be sad to see him leave but it is best for both parties. Could probably still do a great job  at a mid table club. 

At 7 million, you can't knock what he's done, especially his first season. From playing at Bolton, to playing in the Champions League final in Munich in a matter of months. We all expected more from him but in reality, he exceeded expectations given how limited his ability is. Nothing left to prove given his successful trophy cabinet, deserves to be playing at a club week in week out.  

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Excellent player and a hard worker. He was never brought in as the new JT or anything, but won a lot with us. Did a decent job even tough heavily disputed by the majority of our fans. Won everything possible with the club, and no matter where he goes i will always be fond of him. As Cicero said with the young CB's we have he will have his time limited to the maximum. Mid table team would be ideal for him as this age.

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