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Amazon Prime post tweet for Jose Mourinho after he criticises Man City documentary

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Manchester City gave unlimited access to a TV crew during their 2017/18 Premier League campaign.

Amazon Prime released the eight-part series, titled 'All or Nothing' on Friday.

It's added a bit of extra spice to the Manchester rivalry after Jose Mourinho's defensive tactics were criticised.


In the second episode, narrator Sir Ben Kingsley, said: "It is Guardiola versus Mourinho once more; possession versus defence; attacking football versus 'park-the-bus'".

On Saturday, Mourinho accused Manchester City of a lack of class.



Asked about the publicity surrounding the documentary, Mourinho told Sky Sports: "You can have a fantastic movie while respecting others.

"You can be a rich club and buy the best players in the world but you cannot buy class and they showed that clearly, that was really obvious."

Evidently, Jose's not a fan of the new show.

And Amazon Prime have responded to Mourinho's comments with a brilliant tweet.

"Thank you to Jose Mourinho for watching"



So the narrator makes the comment and that's City showing no class?? ..#rattled xD

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1 hour ago, LFCMike said:

Pep shit himself before the Champions League game. 


Think anyone who came up against us in the CL last season would have shat themselves the way we were playing at times plus we gave them enough to think about with the way the games laid themselves out and the spacing of them all.

I watched the whole show on Prime and have to say I enjoyed the All Blacks documentary more than the one on City. Not that its bad I just thought their coverage of Rugby was far better. Pep is truly a nutter when it comes to losing though and that was pretty well highlighted. His prep-work is unworldly before games.

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Jose is 1000% correct ~ Real little club syndrome or as it was put to me by another ~ New money behavior

While the program was interesting, for me a series filmed during the previous season when things did not go right  would have been far better telly & illuminating of the so called Genius. Pictures of the City dressing room after Chelsea had beaten them with Fabregas making a horses ass out of Fernandinho and Aguero had taken out David Luiz would have been worth a subscription fee.

The last of these I watched was Liverpool's effort with Brendon in charge. That was better because they wern't winning things and you got more of an understanding of everyday life of a manager doing his best to build a former great.Obviously the downside to the that show was the bullshit that was pilled on for the American market about the club, which I expect will happen in the coming episodes for City.

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1 hour ago, The Liquidator said:

Jose is 1000% correct


Nobody from City said them comments so how is he correct? nothing to do with City xD  ...In the second episode, narrator Sir Ben Kingsley, said: "It is Guardiola versus Mourinho once more; possession versus defence; attacking football versus 'park-the-bus'".

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