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Footballers Could be Forced to Pay Agents

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The Premier League’s top footballers could soon be forced to pay their own agents – rather than rely on their clubs to pay them – in what is set to be the most radical changes to the way football agents work in England.

League chiefs meet on Thursday to consider changing the onus of responsibility for payment from clubs to players. While the move is likely to prompt demands for higher player wages, the clubs believe the move will curb the spiralling fees that some representatives are demanding.

Last year, football intermediaries earned more than £220m in fees paid by clubs in England and Wales. If the changes are adopted, deals like Paul Pogba's move from Juventus to Manchester United - where super agent Mino Raiola pocketed a reported £41m in fees from both clubs - would see Pogba paying his agent, rather than the clubs.

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A football agent is also known as a footballer's representative... In other words someone that looks out for the best interests of his client, the player.  The person that represents the player in front of the club!

Why on earth should football clubs pay for someone that works against the the club and in the interests of the player? xD

If this can be an idea that's accepted amongst all the main leagues in Europe, then we could be seeing an interesting moment in history where transfers are concerned.

The only thing though, if the clubs end up paying more in terms of wages because of this, then in effect we continue to be in a very similar situation. 

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What really needs to change isn't who is paying the agent but how much the agent gets paid. Raiola only gets away with this kind of shit because he knows better than anyone that fixed pricing for players and transfers is something which is a pipe-dream and no one is ever going to agree to it because every club wants an advantage and every league wants to better the other. No one has the time to grow talent anymore because lets face it, whats a few million extra to guarantee more time in the Champions League or assure that the next best thing out of South America or anywhere else is your first choice? 

The only person losing out here now is the player, and eventually clubs, because they'll think twice before having to deal with clubs that aren't giving their agents a better cut through their pay. So essentially, nothing has changed.

You know what would be killer though? If an agent had to pay a substantial amount to talk to a club in the first place, whether its negotiations or treading water to see if there is an opportunity and UEFA, FIFA and the concern league association was a beneficiary in that sum as well. 

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