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Adrian Mutu's Appeal Against Chelsea Rejected by European Court of Human Rights

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Adrian Mutu has had his latest legal challenge against the order that he pay Chelsea £15.2m in compensation following a failed drugs test dismissed by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The former Romanian forward appealed to the court in an effort to overturn a ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that was made in July 2009.

CAS had upheld a decision made by FIFA that Mutu had to pay Chelsea the compensation after he was found to have breached his contract when he tested positive for traces of cocaine.

Mutu had alleged that CAS's decision was invalid as one of the members of the panel during his appeal had been a partner in a law firm that represented the interests of Chelsea's owner, Roman Abramovich.

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9 hours ago, The Palace Fan said:

Fair play on them for not backing down on this. He behaved like an absolute weapon at the time.

Yeah no excuses for being a drug addict, the club paid big money for him at the time and he just threw it all away. He had a chance that many young players don't get, daft cunt. 

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23 hours ago, True Blue said:

He was never gonna pay it when he was in his prime as a famous player, especially not now 15 years later.

Now it's been upheld we should seize all and any property, cars, jewelry, garden ornaments the lot... Get a court order to freeze all money and this includes his family, near and distant relatives and friends, If that does not cover it then we should seize his pension pot ( if he has one ) and sell any pets he or his family might own.. If that still does not cover it we should get him to be the odd job man round the ground to help pay back for his sins.. 

I am not sure what he is worth or what assets he has but we should leave him and anyone he knows destitute and broken... 


We could take £10 a week... 

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I thought it was ridiculous from Chelsea back then and still think it's ridiculous now. Them deciding to terminate the contract over recreational drug use is their choice, even if it's a little overboard, but to then pretend they had no choice in the matter and Mutu has to pay back everything that Chelsea spent on him was pretty disgusting to be honest. Him being banned for 7 months was the only thing forced on to them. Everything else was their choice.

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